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Posted by Chuck Gee - January 3, 2014 at 12:08 PM

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Concert Review Judas Priest/Steel Panther @ the Ford Center

2014-10-22_22.08.49First off, in the famous words of the band SAXON…”DOES THIS TOWN KNOW HOW TO ROCK?” It might be better said “Does this town still know how to rock”? Did you see the lines waiting to get into the Ford Center Wednesday night? I did. They were stretched out all the way around the building and across the street! It was wonderful! When my wife and I parked in behind the “The Center’s” parking lot I noticed several tailgate parties going on! Judas Priest was cranking on one truck’s stereo system and the guys and girls were hanging out around the truck and pre drinking and getting psyched about the show!. Not hurting no one and not driving. Just waiting for the doors to the Ford Center to open. T-shirt bootleggers were crisscrossing the parking lots selling concert t-shirts at half price. It was just like the good ole days of concerts gone by. Does anyone remember those?

This was a real Damn Loud Rock show. One that was needed in an area that is over ran with bro-country bands and too many country radio stations… Not that I am hating on country, some of it is actually well written but for the most part it’s over saturated with the same lines in every song…Lines that mention: trucks, rivers/lakes, a country road, KC Lights, some kind of alcoholic drink, a hot girl, long legs and short shorts, and either a moonlight or sunrise and don’t forget to mention a country music legends’ name like Hank or Haggard….and WALLA! And repeat…But I will leave all this for another day! Back to the ROCK SHOW!

First off though… The KickActs PROPS and ROCK SALUTES to the following!

Many props needs to go out to our ROCK radio stations! Evansville Stations 103WGBF and 107.5WABX carried the rock torch and promoted this show relentlessly. Hell, even Pat Ballard and the WKTG93.9 gang also heavily promoted the show and had a contest using Judas Priest song titles in a story  and gave away tickets too and they are located in Madisonville! So the radio stations ROCKED it!



(Rated PG from here down people)

Back to the concert. The Ford Center along with Outback Concerts presented the God Fathers of Metal, “Judas “Fucking’ Priest” along with glam rockers “Steel Panther”! Judas Priest has over 40 years of experience and 50 million albums sold under their belt. They are legends. Their material is as fresh today as it was when it was released. Back in the day, you had to have “British Steel” in your record collection. “Screaming for Vengeance” was another one. “Painkiller”. The list goes on and on. Judas Priest, the ever adapting progressive metal band, when syth guitars came into play they cranked out “Turbo Lover” and many more syth guitar rock songs on their release “Turbo”. Here in 2014,  they are still releasing ground breaking albums like the newest one “Redeemer of Souls”. A world class act here in Evansville Indiana!


The opening act was LA “Calipornica” based “Steel Panther”. Boosting that they have had over 20,000 YouTube views! LOL… A band that has taken the over indulgences of the 80’s glam/rock metal bands and repackaged it and made a comedic Rated PG-13? gig out of it. The band comes complete with guy liner and over the top wigs! These guys are highly talented musicians and pretty freakin’ humorous too!  The songs are spoofs like “Death to all but metal”. With the play on “butt” of course. Then there’s P****whipped, “Asian Hookers”, “Glory Hole” and one of their more popular ballads’ “Community Property” with the famous chorus line that goes ” My heart belongs to you, but my **** is Community Property”. lol…Probably not too cool and a bit much for the young kids in the audience though! I would say, think more like in the lines of the movies “American Pie”, “Porkies”, and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” type tone…You know, “dick” humor…They hit on all the clichés and poked fun at themselves along with the 80’s era. The bass player Lexxi Roxx even did a standard 80’s bass solo “called “hair solo” and just played an open E on his bass while playing with his hair! We all know bass players played more than just one string but its fun to poke fun at! Great set and I could have watched a full show from them. I get it and it’s awesome!




Steel Panther was a great warm up band but we all know who we came for! Judas Priest! Thanks to the internet I knew that when Black Sabbath’s “WAR PIGS” came over the front house system it was show time! I have to admit, to the 15 year old inter kid in me, hearing the crowd singing to War Pigs was touching to my metal heart! The curtain dropped and they kicked into “Dragonaut” off the new album “Redeemer of Souls”! From the word go it was a well oiled classic Priest show! They know how to rock! Are they older? Hell yes but so are we but no denying music makes us young again. I saw plenty of young and young at heart metal fans there! The Priest ripped out many of their classic hits and well as some deeper cuts. One of my favorites is “Beyond the Realms of Death” off the Stained Class album! They played “Metal Gods”, Another Thing Coming”, “Turbo Lover”,” Victim of Changes”, “Love Bites”, “Jaw Breaker” (not in that order just recalling off the top of my head)…And then…The Stage went dark…thick fog was rolling in…and then you heard it…


The Harley motorcycle started up!!! As Rob was warming up the engine on that suicide machine you could feel the tension rise! It’s loud pipes racking off the sound system and bouncing around the arena walls! As he rode it out on stage the band broke into “Hell Bent for Leather“!. Fucking A for AWESOME!

  Judas Priest came back out for two encore songs! “Living After Midnight” and “Defenders of the Faith”. It was a great night for Heavy Metal!



Before the show and really afterwards, I looked around and saw many “metal heads” that I had seen at rock concerts back in the day when Evansville seemed to have a great rock show once a month. I don’t know these people as coworkers or friends per se but we have something in common. The music. We all acknowledged each other with the typical “what’s up” gesture but we’re all brothers and sisters in rock. We support the cause…The numbers were small but we were there…

eric211  The show was undersold. It’s a known fact that for some reason rock/metal shows no longer do well in Evansville. It was also on a Wednesday night but are we really too old to get out and enjoy it? I think not. Was it advertised well? In some ways yes. The radio stations I mentioned did their part if not more…

103WGBF even had a special ticket price with Ticketmaster for one day where you could get a ticket for 30 bucks! You couldn’t beat that folks! My ticket was on the floor, B section middle of the stage and I only paid 70.00 for it. So I paid 150.00 for two seats on the floor. Someone on my Facebook page said the tickets were too high… I just went to Ticketmaster and looked up Eric Church’s show. Same Ford Center, same seating area my wife and I were in. Keep in mind I paid full price at Ticketmaster for the Priest tickets…Here is Eric Church’s ticket prices for the same area. If you can’t make it out, it’s $908.00 for 2 tickets! Talk about scalping someone! Sad thing is, someone will pay those prices.

I know ad space is pricey. So let’s get that out of the way. But you have Facebook and posting daily is free. The Ford Center has a Facebook page. As of today (10/24/2014) it has 20,073 “Likes” and been visited 87,563 times. Those are great stats! Congrats! But you hosted Judas Priest and what did you do? You announced the show on July 17th and a few times after that. Then when the show neared you stopped the free advertising via posting on Facebook on your own page. From September 30th until October 16th, no mention of the Judas Priest show on your Facebook page. You posted up and coming shows like Miranda Lambert and Eric Church. Both of those shows are scheduled after the Judas Priest concert. It’s as if you guys just abandoned the show. I sent you a message asking about it on September 15th. No reply but the next day you posted about the show. I can’t tell you what to do but you know Facebook is a great free advertising tool. It wasn’t used for the Judas Priest show. I am not hating, just the facts…



Denise, LaDonna, David and me…

I had a great time at the show. I attended it with my wife Denise and my brother David and his girlfriend LaDonna. It had been a long time since my brother and I attended a concert together so the night was very special to me…The thing is, yea, the guys in Priest are older. K.K. Downing has retired and has been replaced with Richie Faulkner, a younger guitar slinger that is badass. But in reality, it’s about us an individuals’ more importantly. Are we really that old in our 40’s or 50’s? Most of the guys in Judas Priest are in their mid 60’s. The Rolling Stones are in their 70’s and they are still playing. Touring isn’t easy…So what’s our excuse for not going?

If you have been blessed with good health why head for the rocking chair early? Why not play “Kick the can“. Why not live while you are alive? So what if you are up a little later one night in a year at a rock show? I saw the guys and the  girls there. Young and older. We are the  Defenders of the faith along with Judas Priest. Who gives a crap if your not 21 anymore? Had a couple of kids and your not 36/24/36 anymore? I saw younger ladies and MILFS/GILFS dressed up in leather or dressed nice. I saw the newer young generation metal guys taking the torch. I saw the older metal guys with a lot less hair than they used to have and maybe the standard 40ish belly instead of the “six packs showing” it’s “six packs hiding”. The leather jacket they have had for years doesn’t quite fit like it used to but… They are “Defenders of the Faith”. All of them. Every damn one of them…

Never let anyone tell you that you are too old. If they do, tell them, well just show them. Wear what you wanna wear. Grow your hair how you wanna grow it. Be you. Who the hell wrote the book on growing up anyway? Be responsible but live dammit…Just live! If its metal….Get your ass off the couch and support the shows. If it’s country you like….do the same. But do something. What did ole Red say in Shawshank Redemption??? Get busy living or get busy dying…

Anyway, I’m off the soapbox now… I posted this question on my Facebook page after the show. Please feel free to respond or comment…

I am currently writing about the Judas Priest concert last night for Kick Acts. if you attended the show “what are your thoughts”. I will use some of them in the article. Comment below or PM me.

Here are some of the replies…

It was GREAT to hear the old Preist songs but sadly…Steel Panther pushed the entertainment factor out of their reach. Singing along with iconic metal legend Judas Preist wasn’t nearly as fun for me as laughing along with Steel Panther and their refreshing approach to cock rock.
Keith Alvey Maybe they should’ve used the center instead. Just a thought not sure the light rig would’ve fit.
Allen Tate Overall, I thought it was a great show. Both bands delivered. It was disappointing to see so many empty seats but not surprising. The only two places I noticed any advertising for this show was on WGBF and WABX. Maybe if they’d have advertised on the local TV stations there would have been a few more seats filled.
Kim Veazey-Wood I had tickets and sold them I won them. If it had been on a weekend I would have went but im to old to go partying at a rock concert and who did they think was gonna go see judas priest..the old rockers Just a thought
Kevin Book Steel Panther is good for what they do, but they’re basically a comic act and it gets old real quick. I just don’t have any interest in watching old rockers get up there and try to act like it’s 1976 anymore…I saw Priest several times back when they were the baddest in the world…that’s good enough for me. No wonder it was such a lame crowd.
Rodney Beasley Uh Kevin Book…If you had been there last night you would see they are still the baddest in the world. :-) Amazing show!!!
Charles Dicus Lame crowd as far as numbers, but those there were far from lame. And as for Priest being old rockers…they proved last night that old or not, they still kick ass. There’s so many factors to look at. First, this town pays to see entertainers, not legends or artists. They should of played the Center, but from what I heard, they have a contract with VenuWorks to play their establishments in various cities. So the way it was explained to me…whatever money was lost here will be made up someplace else.

I remember just years ago (2002+), Motley, Def Lep, KISS…playing Roberts to huge crowds. So what happened?

I’m always baffled by “fans” around here. I know people that travel across Europe to see their bands. Hell, I know some people here who would rather make the trek to Nashville or Louisville to see the same artist that is playing in Evansville. What does that say?
If there was a Led Zeppelin reunion at the Ford Center…the place would probably sell out, with Evansville residents buying MAYBE a 1/4 of the seats (if they knew about the show). All others would be from out of town, state or country.


Doug Sauls I hate to say this Chuck but I didn’t even know Judas Priest was coming to Evansville! Like you said there are many free ways of getting the word out so I will say that a lot of people just didn’t know about it.

Benny Sauls Evansville demographics no longer support rock shows. It does not matter how long the artist has been around, it is about what demographic our area now represents and unfortunately it is no longer rock music. Country acts and more main stream artists will always do better here for that reason alone. How does that change? The people that refuse to go see the few rock shows that do come to town have to get out and support a show when feasible. Even the minor major tours that hit The Centre and The Victory.

Dave Lutz They actually advertised on TV. I saw several times and hardly watch TV. Probably would have done a bit better had they teamed JP with another Classic Metal act and not Steel Panther. SP great musicians but pretty vulgar and most people have no clue who they are. Heard JP killed it and I went back and forth on whether or not to go. Would have gone if they would have put say Lynch Mob or Dokken or Saxon or somebody like that on the bill with JP. JMO which really means……Nothing!

Karen Clayton Beasley Well, I enjoyed the show very much but I was quite disappointed in the small crowd that showed up. I’m sure there are many reasons for the lack of fans there, including it being held on a weeknight, we are ALL getting older, the lack of a more popular opening act, and tickets were not cheap! Even though I did have a great time and I love JP, I was a bit disappointed in some of the songs they chose to perform. Of course, they had to do the songs from the new album and they did do a few of the classic Priest tunes…Screaming for Vengeance, Breakin’ the Law, Turbo Lover, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming, Metal Gods, Living After Midnight, and Hell Bent for Leather. IF they had added Diamonds and Rust, and Green Manalishi, this chick would have been even happier! I say KUDOS to Judas Priest for STILL rockin’ the stage even after 40 years of being Metal Gods. Seeing JP last night was also kind of a “flashback” to a time gone by. I enjoyed every minute of the show with my rock star husband (Rodney Beasley) and I am glad we had the chance to see yet another JP show. Horns up!!

Brad Linzy I saw Priest and Steel Panther at Louder Than Life here in Louisville. Both kicked ass. Only bands that were as good as those two were Mastadon and Limp Bizkit.



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Posted by Chuck Gee - October 24, 2014 at 9:37 AM

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Introducing “The Naked Adam Show” Podcast updated Oct. 20!

Have you checked out the latest podcast? Here it is! Please listen/share/like! Thanks :)


Radio 1

Tony Gish

We live in a fast paced world. High Speed low frag as one of my friends always says. We have super fast internet, cell phones, Ipads, and data coming in at us from each direction at a 100 million Kb per second ( figuratively speaking). From sun up until sun down and really, 24 hours a day. Information from texts, email notices and alerts. News and weather updates and don’t forget Facebook notifications. It’s almost never ending…But in reality, some times it’s good to slow down. To smell the roses. We all need to slow down. Agree? To slow down and remember about life and how important our short stay here is to ourselves and to others. Our spiritual well beings and to our soul…

Let me introduce you to Tony Gish and his weekly radio program “The Naked Adam Show“. It’s a 30 minute program that plays good music and has an encouraging word for each of us. He isn’t “preachy” so give it a listen… He is like a good neighbor that pats you on the back and tells you everything is going to be ok. We all need that pat on the back and that encouraging word. He doesn’t have all the answers but he shares about the person that does.

His radio program is updated weekly and I strongly encourage you to give it a listen. In fact, I have started listening to it daily while at work. The podcasts are archived so if you miss it Sunday morning at 10:30am on  WSON 96.5 FM, you can listen at your convenience from the website anytime or download the radio app. And go by his Facebook page and let him know you’re listening to his program. He would deeply appreciate hearing from you.

Also, if you don’t mind. Please like and share this article with all your friends! :)



Here is the latest one and it’s a good one too. Please give it a listen! Click the banner below to go to his webpage or the banner on the right of the page.



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Posted by Chuck Gee - October 20, 2014 at 12:18 AM

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Kisses for Kylee Benefit October 16th, Owensboro Ky.


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Posted by Chuck Gee - October 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM

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100 awesome songs in no particular order…what are yours?

joeystar1Songs I enjoy listening to and some have the reasons why…Notice, there’s very little metal in the list…links are to stories and highlighted song links are the YouTube videos. Tidbits everywhere! Enjoy :)

  1. Blinded by the light… Manfred Mann..I can listen to this over and over..never gets old..the keys hypnotize me…
  2. Aint Gonna eat out my Heart Anymore… says it all of my personal favorites from my young teenage years.
  3. Dreams..Fleetwood Mac Rumors album…I remember playing on a pinball machine on our back porch on second street listening to this one..
  4. King of the Night time world….KISS personal favorite…I wanted to be one ( a king of the night time world)
  5. Surrender…Cheap Trick…Live Version..”Entire Album” has to be in the top five even though these are not listed like that……
  6. Edmund FitzGerald…Gordon Lightfoot, every time I hear this I remember Paul Moore playing the cassette at work, so I think of him when I hear it..
  7. Afternoon Delight..Star Land Vocal Band..I remember sitting on the back of my cousin’s car in Florida listening to this as a storm was out over the ocean 1976?..
  8. Run and Hide…BlackFoot..great song..Thanks Paul for turning me on to them..
  9. Levon…Elton John…I feel like Levon sometimes “As Levon Slowly dies”..story of my life..
  10. You light up my Life..Debbie Boone..Great song, great lyrics..”So many Nights, I sit by the window”. I grabbed the movie clip YouTube video instead of the lyrics one since I saw the movie when it came out. I know Didi Con isn’t singing ok..
  11. The Rose..Better Milder….great story in a song..deep, deep lyrics. I also grabbed the movie clip from “The Rose” instead of the lyrics video…
  12. The Killing of Georgie…Rod Stewart great sad song based on a true story..
  13. Fathom 309…Red Sovine..never ever will get that sad story..”Have a cup on ole Joe”. Red Sovine was a genius to have music put the stories..I would add…Giddy up go and Teddy Bear..Flowers for mamma…
  14. Ode to Billie Joe….Bobby Gentry….good coming of age song…great movie..starring Robbie Benson, too bad he jumped of the bridge in the movie cause he was molested..
  15. East Bound and Down…Jerry Reed..”Entire Album” The whole sound track is great and a great movie..”I only take my hat off for one thing”..I went to the movie theater and watched this movie 6 times when it came out! It ran forever and the VCR wasn’t born yet to the general public so what do you do? You go see it again….and again!
  16. How you Gonna See Me Know..Alice Cooper…”Entire Album” I can relate to the complete album but this song is special, I remember playing it in White Rose and slow dancing with my wife ..
  17. Rock N Roll Children…Dio..I was one.still am..just older..
  18. Me and Johnny…. Rick Springfield ..reminds me of my childhood buddy David Lutz..”Someday we’re gonna shine”….
  19. In the Year 2525 Zager & evans…kooky cool song. Love the Spanish horns and feel to it!
  20. Rocky ..Austin Roberts…great sad song….soo believable..
  21. Run Joey Run…..David Geddes…another great cheesy song I cant get enough of..
  22. Billie Don’t be a Hero…Bo Donaldson this song….
  23. Total Eclipse of the Heart..Bonnie Tyler….Sort of my wife Denise and my theme song..
  24. Time for me fly…Reo Speedwagon…
  25. Aint Even Done with the Night…John Melloncamp..what a great dance song even though I cant dance..
  26. Young Turks…Rod Stewart..I felt like this when I was younger and we were just starting out…
  27. Do You think I am Sexy? Rod Stewart…
  28. Momma Tried..Merle Haggard….great song. Reminds me of Sundays when mom would clean the house…she would put on this album among many and listen and clean…Love the guitar work…folks this is real country not like the country crap out today…
  29. Alone Again Naturally …Gilbert O’Sullivan
  30. Joey…..Concrete Blondes….Inspiration for Joey Star…There were a few 90’s songs that didn’t suck. This being one of them.
  31. 2112 / Overture – The Temples Of Syrinx….RUSH…Side “A” of the album 2112 only…Side “B” is ok only
  32. Taxi…..Harry Chapin..Great song about a missed love…….He was a genius…the song “sequel” to it is great too. The link has both songs! Enjoy it’s good stuff.
  33. Suicide is Painless…..Theme Song for M.A.S.H. I only like the song with the lyrics…very deep and dear to me….It’s hard to imagine like a 12 year old kid wrote those words of wisdom..
  34. Born to Run….Bruce Springsteen…I love this song..I can feel the power of the motorcycles..We gotta get out while were young`cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run…
  35. Goodbye Girl…David Gates…Who else has seen Kramer vs Kramer?
  36. Pressure…Billy Joel…story of mine and everyone else’s life..Mtv ruled for a while..
  37. Fast Car….Tracy Chapman…..a sad song about hope but in the end it remains the same..lost..We all wanna get out but mostly end up doing what our parents did..
  38. I walk the Line….Johnny of the first albums I remember listening to..
  39. The Best of Times….Styx…
  40. MR. Roboto…….Styx…
  41. Leader of The Band…..Dan Fogelberg…good song…deep meaning…
  42. Same Old Lang Syne…..Dan Fogelberg….true story..great song. Never grow tired of listening to it..I can imagine every line in the song…He had the gift of making you feel every line as if he was writing your story…
  43. Big John…Jimmy Dean….love this song since I was kid..notice I love story tellers?? Anyone remember Big John beans?
  44. At Seventeen….Janis Ian….for some reason I really like this song, maybe cause I feel like the ugly duckling too…
  45. I’m Sorry…..John Denver…..Another great story teller…Love this song….”Its cold here in the city”…I used to listen to this on my “Show and tell” record player. It was attached to the Robinson Crusoe slides.
  46. Kings and Queens…..Aerosmith…..”Long ago in days I’m told”….Would make a good after school special movie. Anyone remember that series?
  47. Goodbye to Romance…Ozzy/Randy Rhoades….The guitar work…and lyrics…what a beautiful combination and sad song..It turned the rock world upside down.
  48. Thunderbird..Quiet Riot….Well written song. Written about randy leaving for Ozzy’s band. So much emotion from one friend to another.
  49. Easy…..The Commodores…..awesome song. The intro on piano, how it “hops”..awesome 70’s vibe to it. Nobody, NOBODY writes like this anymore. The bass line..whew!
  50. Hold the Line..Toto…I remember skating to this song…
  51. Smoke of a Distant Fire…Sanford Townsend Band….I remember listening to this on my little transmitter radio at night lying in bed…
  52. What You Gonna Do? Pablo Cruise..remember listening to it in bed at night too..
  53. Ebony Eyes….Bob Welch….wasn’t the video played every Friday night on Night Trax or Friday Night Video?
  54. Thunder Island Jay Ferguson…great song..From the opening guitar riff I was hooked!
  55. Show Must go On… motto….Gonna have to go with the greatest rock voice of all time. Freddie Mercury was GENIUS.
  56. Spread your Wings….QUEEN..When I was in the scouts and was painting the solar system on a 4×8 sheet of plywood,,I listened to this song over and over..I feel like Sammy most of them time..I should be just sweeping up the Emerald bar…L
  57. I stole Your Love… the live “Studio” version off of ALIVE II where the chorus echoes “How does it feel to find out your failing your test????” I wore this album out and still feel like a kid when I play it! All I had was the gatefold back then to stare at!
  58. Convoy….C.W. McCall….Reminds me of “Little Trucker”…I used to talk on the cb and I remember standing out in front of our house and talking to the truckers going by on a walkie talkie..KADJ0472 the little gopher, we’re clear!
  59. Three times a Lady…The Commodores…I would love to slow dance to this one again. It has probably been played at most wedding receptions!
  60. Puff The Magic Dragon….Peter Paul and Mary…..Reminds me of being a kid,,never wanting to grow up. Why did little Jackie paper grow up?
  61. Cold as Ice…Foreigner…I really love the intro piano they are being pounded out..great well written song..when it was released I recorded it on a shoebox tape recorder and would play it over and over and write down the…
  62. Hazard…Richard Marx…. Another great song with a story…it’s a reoccurring theme of mine..
  63. Winter time…Steve Miller….remember hearing this on 8 track…love the sound effects of wind blowing, haunting acoustic guitar..
  64. I’m Not In Love….10CC…love the voices in the song..never gets old..”Big boys don’t cry”…
  65. Don’t Cry Out loud…Melissa Manchester….…”baby cried the day the circus came to town, cause she didn’t want parades just passing by her, so she painted on a smile and took up with some clown..”..powerful words…
  66. Third Time Lucky…..Foghat…….I can relate to this song..
  67. Shapes of things to Come…Nazareth….The end of the world…great song..(I know the Yardbirds wrote it). I saw Nazareth in Evansville Indiana!
  68. Grave Robber….Petra….love this song…inspirational…
  69. Against the Wind…Bob Seger….what an awesome song…also can add…”Roll Me away”. “I too am lost and I feel double crossed and I am sick of what’s wrong and what’s right”
  70. Hungry Heart…Bruce Springsteen… song about mid life crisis….so many people do this…”I got a wife and kid in Baltimore Jack, I went out for a ride and I never went back”, how many ppl actual do this?..
  71. Age of Aquarius….The Fifth Dimension….Love this hippie song. Wish it was true…
  72. Mr. BoJangles….Nitty Gritty Dirt band…….Always reminds me of Jumbo..I remember one year when the carnival was in the lot across from Second and green street where the little coffee place is now, and Jumbo was dancing for tips..
  73. If…Bread……great song..soo sad..
  74. Without you”..Harry Nilsson….
  75. Brandy….Looking Glass…..good sad love song
  76. 50 ways to leave your lover..Paul Simon…The snare intro…whew!
  77. It never rains in California….Albert Hammond…
  78. Please Come to Boston…Dave Loggins..
  79. Under Pressure….QUEEN/David Bowie…perfect song…”Its the terror of knowing what this world is about..watching some good friends, scream let me out”…
  80. Band on the Run..Paul McCarthney & Wings. Better than the Beatles..
  81. Time in a Bottle..Jim Croce….well written song .love that descending acoustic line..great singer/songwriter,,tragic short life..
  82. I’ll Have to say I love you in a song..Jim Croce….better than the one above by a few songs..
  83. Wasted days and wasted nights…..Freddie Fender..I remember going to the Pine Room restaurant with my mom and they had those table juke boxes..I played this song over and over..
  84. Mandy….Barry Manilow……great song..”you gave and you gave without taking..I have never experienced that…
  85. Wildfire…Michael Martin Murphy ….great song..good story teller.
  86. I’m not Lisa…..Jesse Colter….love the single piano notes…sad coming of age song..
  87. Telephone Lines…E.L.O….love the vocals…like he is speaking through a phone…very smart..
  88. Le Freak…..Chic…love the disco era..great song to skate too even though I cant really skate well…Great guitar riff!
  89. Sad eyes…Robert John…good song to slow dance too a long time ago..
  90. Logical Song….Supertramp…
  91. My Life….Billy Joel…song says it all..
  92. Lady…The Little River Band…I remember slow dancing to this one in junior high 8th grade but don’t remember her name..she must of not been important..….
  93. I’d really love to see you tonight….England Dan & John Ford Coley…great song..can almost see the stars and feel the warm how the high hats open up during the intro..its all in the details!
  94. Sultans of swing…Dire straits….perfect story and guitar playing…
  95. Every time I think of you..The Babys…great song..Saw them open for Alice Cooper..great music…
  96. Cool Change…Little River Band….wonderful song..
  97. Sounds of Silence …Simon and Garfunkel….”Hello darkness, my old friend”..we know each other very well…
  98. two out of three aint bad….Meatloaf….good song…great lyrics..sad though
  99. Vincent…Don Mclean….studying art in jr high and high school, I can appreciate depression and the close walk with life and death.
  100. On With The Show…Motley Crue…great well written song..very sad..Perfect blend of guitar, raw emotions and guts. I wish Motley Crue had of stayed this way…:(

And a bonus one…Damn, David Bowie wrote some great songs…But “Is there life on Mars” It’s on Amerika’s tortured brow, That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow, Now the workers have struck for fame
‘Cause Lennon’s on sale again. Deep Deep Deep

there you have it…your turn …..send us yours to and we’ll put them up…


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Standby Records Presents “THE HALLOWEEN TOUR”!


Post-Hardcore powerhouse, The Persevering Promise, is excited to announce
that they will be joining Consider Me Dead, Catching Your Clouds, and The
Paramedic on The Halloween Party Tour, presented by Standby Records.
The Persevering Promise, has opened the ears and pulled on the
heartstrings of fans and critics throughout the United States with their
debut LP, An Illusion in Shambles, which has recently hit #8 on Billboard
Charts in the Pacific region. The dynamic anthems of The Persevering
Promise are comprised of strong, honest vocals, ranging from vibrant hooks
to solid gang chants, monstrous guitar riffs and technical, animalistic,
powerhouse drumming.

Debut Album “An Illusion in Shambles” OUT NOW, featuring Chad Ruhlig of
For The Fallen Dreams, Ronnie Winter of RJA, and Shawn Spann of I The


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