Update on Double Dukes … 03-03-2009

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OK, first off. Grips, you keep busting my chops for a lack of Double Dukes updates and that’s OK. But let’s clarify something first. I have sent sincere and legit questions to two current band members in MINX. Most of the questions were going to allow them free publicity for their band and hobbies like we give everyone else and they each received one question concerning Double Dukes. Secondly, Al and I both have sent emails and legit questions to Eddie Crunk. Same story. We basically offered him free publicity and a sounding board too. Granted we are a small online magazine but in January we had over 63,000 hits.  It was a lot of search engine hits, but it’s still hits. So, we got the same results from all three of them. In other words…Crickets, crickets, crickets. Nothing … Maybe they are waiting to submit them but it’s been weeks and if they are reading this, we are a “neutral” webmag. We give both sides the opportunity and let you, the reader decide.

So on to my update. I did slip into Double Dukes around 8:50pm last Saturday night on 02/28/2009. There wasn’t a cover charge that night or if it was, I some how managed to slip past it. The place is basically the same as before as far as appearance. Well, except it had a lot more people in it that night. It wasn’t packed out but it was a good size crowd and that  was something that Double Dukes had been lacking for awhile. The band was “BMG Holler and Swaller” from Madisonville. I looked around and I saw a lot of cowboy hats and a few biker type guys. I went to the bar and asked for a beer. The bartenders were all dressed in country clothes and cowboy hats. They were pleasant and were talking with the customers at the bar. I didn’t recognize anyone so I took off upstairs to get a seat. The upstairs was well lite up and both pool tables were busy. The band was supposed to start at 9pm and one of my pet peeves is not starting on time. Which they didn’t. They didn’t start until 9:15pm. They started sound checking at 9pm. Another one of my pet peeves is for the guitar players (and I am one but I don’t do this) is to turn his gear on and stand there and warm up with the volume up while the sound check is going on. It’s totally unprofessional and yes, I have had people in my bands do the same shit going all the way back to my first band. It’s like they are trying to impress the crowd before the band starts by showing  off their chops off and shit. Look, I understand you have to warm up, but keep the volume off. So anyway,after the guitar player, who BTW is a great guitar player was done showing off, the band started. It was show time. First set consisted  of all country songs. Some I have heard and some I haven’t. The band’s myspace page said they do it all, from country to Ac/Dc. Well, I didn’t hear any Ac/Dc but they did play a country fried version of “Sweet Home Alabama”. Just my opinion but it was a dud but the crowd liked it anyway. The band kicked out one country song after another and encouraged the crowd to “Holler and Swaller” and that they did. They did a good job of getting the crowd rowdy. It’s good for the business and sells beer. I am not a fan of today’s country music. Well, most of it. I really try. I like old country but today’s country music to me is so mechanical and dumb-downed … But that’s just my opinion. The band was hopping and so was  the crowd and it looks like even though Double Dukes has changed its format over to country, it is working for the bar. Congrats to Eddie and I wish him much success. By 9:45pm I had all the country I could stand for one night so I jetted and went home and put in a KISS DVD to cleanse myself. But I’ll be back  to Double Dukes to review the bands and see how the bar is doing. And Eddie and the guys from MINX, feel free to submit your answers anytime here. We will still put them up.

chuck gee