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Double Dukes must be listening to the “Crowds”, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Looks like they are dropping that outrageous cover charge on Friday night… Good thing. My wife and I and some friends met there a few weeks ago. We got there at 1am and was still charged five bucks each to get into a bar that was closing in 1 hour. That, my friends, is ripping people off… I drive by there every weekend and continue to notice the crowds are dropping off…

Here is Double Dukes Myspace Bulletin…(Nice spin on the reason why they are dropping it)

Double Dukes free entry Friday nights

Since so many of our Henderson and surrounding customers haven’t heard or know about the bands that perform at Double Dukes; therefore, we are dropping the cover charge for the next several Friday nights beginning this Friday.

BMG will be rocking the Dukes this week-end. Come on out and party with us!!!

June Schedule:
5 & 6 BMG
12 & 13 Copper Road
19 & 20 Legacee
26 & 27 HollyWood Gutter Rats


Updated: June 5, 2009 — 9:18 AM

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  1. Well I posted this on bandnut as well but…

    I’m still kind of new to the game so might I just put this out there. Is it up to the bar to charge a cover charge and does the band get the door money or a pre agreed upon amount or what. We have only played once at a place with a cover and we were opening for some one else for free so I’m curious.

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