P.I.H.K. on A & E’s Paranormal Research Society Dec, 29th 2009 9 pm

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“Boy Pushed Me” episode airing Tuesday, December 29th.

 Bruce and Danielle are terrified by an EVP recorded in their Indiana home stating “Kill them.” Even more chilling, their toddler son survived a fall out of a window only to tell his parents, “Boy pushed me.” PRS investigates a possible connection to a local missing persons case and …discovers there’s more to the land than they thought. Psychic CJ Sellers joins the team.

This is the the house that we (PIHK) investigated and sent it to PRS (Paranormal State). You can watch this episode Dec. 29th at 9pm on the A&E Channel. Our group will be viewing the program from the home where it all started!!!