Henderson Restaurant reviews…

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Cancun Mexican restaurant

9 guitars out of ten rating:

341 South Green street. This place ROCKS, Great food, great atmosphere and great service!! Their chips and salsa are to die for!! I could go there and just have that but I usually have the fiesta burrito plate. I have never had any bad service there. Always a friendly staff too.So try it out and let me know what you think.

Tumbleweed restaurant

8 guitars out of 10 rating: (If George is there, it’s 10 out 10 guitars)

1868 Us Highway 41 North.  Not a bad place to eat.  Friendly service. I have eaten there several times and the food is not bad for a national chain . The prices aren’t bad (other than I paid $3.50 for mushrooms and onions to be added to my $7.99 steak, now that stung a little) But if George is there, he makes the place glow. George is a wonderful man and his outgoing pesonality makes sure the customers are always happy. As my friend Randy says, George makes you feel at home while you are there. The new Boom shrimp are awesome too!!Give it a shot, tell us what you think.

McDonald’s restaurant

2 guitars out of 10 rating:

122 S Green St. First off I love the Big Macs. I don’t know what it is but those burgers are awesome. I am not much on the french fries unless they are fresh cooked and hot. If you are unfortunate to get an order that’s cold or re dropped, they suck. They are an international chain so their food is what it is, “fast”. Meaning very little quality in it. Service at this particular restaurant is OK at best. Most times through the drive thru if you don’t check your bag you will get shorted a food item. I am not saying its on purpose, it just happens quite alot. And how many times have you experienced this. You go to the first window and pay for your food and then you drive-up to the next window and your food bag is stuck out the window waiting on you and the server doesn’t say “have a nice day”, “thank you” or anything. You grab the bag and they walk off. I will say I like the dollar menu but its more for the cheap price than the food. So,if your hungry and pinching pennies, this is the place. If you are looking for a nice meal and good service I recommend looking somewhere else.