April 26, 2010


SPOTLIGHT ON ‘THE SPOTTSVILLE MONSTER’    Bart Nunnelly here, local author, artist and Fortean Investigator. I’m pleased to announce that my second film, “The Spottsville Monster – A Documentary” is slated to begin filming next month in Henderson, Kentucky. I’ll be teaming up with filmmaker extraordinaire and good friend, Chris McGill of McGill Media, LLC
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Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie are a match made in heaven. And hell. “It’s heaven for me and hell for him, probably,” cracks the 62-year-old Coop, who is about to join forces with Zombie on the Gruesome Twosome tour. “It’s a great idea,” says Cooper of the shock-rock double-bill, which skips around Canada this spring
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So what is important to you, rock star? Ha. Obviously, we take the music seriously and we try to play the best that we can. But we’ve always been very lighthearted about the band itself. I laughed at I Love You, Man with the rest of the crowd. Read more: http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/film/84998/alex-lifeson-interview#ixzz0mD6tVmAc