Rock & Roll Hell by KISS – A Look Back

Editor’s Note: This text was taken from the description from the BTO video.

Update on August 18, 2010 – It was brought to my attention that this text was lifted from KISSFAQ by the YouTube uploader so in all fairness, I have removed the text and replaces it with a link to the appropriate site and offer a sincere apology to my friend at KISSFAQ!

Read the text from the original article here:

Rock And Roll Hell (Original Bachman-Turner Overdrive Version – 1979)


Rock And Roll Hell (KISS Reworked Version – 1982)



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    typical gene simmons………..rock business savvy, with little if no talent……a real “poser”…..”kiss” as a musical entity, is to music, as the titantic was to floating hotels…..

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    This was not the only song Gene stole/borrowed from the BTO/Vallance camp. Many of his songs were direct steals from other artists. Kiss was not as much for the music as it was the shows!! HEAD ON!!!!

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    kiss was/is the equilant of a rock and roll magician………….

    lots of deception, taking your attention from their music with fire, spitting blood, fireworks, etc………..bait and switch……….divert your attention………a poor blind guy would wonder what all the hoopala and hype was all about…….

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    I like Kiss very much,always have,but Head On and Bob have very valid points both. While this is a good cover it’s also not the same song,the same old scheme was done here. “Reworked” is the right name for it as it basically was rewritten. Just like Jimmy Page did so often in Led Zeppelin,take someone else’s song and change it,so you can put your name on it. I guess it is business and Gene Simmons does have the savy ability to pull it off. I’m curious how the credits on this new recording read.

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