Almost Human – Unmasked KISS Tribute from 2004 (featuring yours truly)

For those who dig KISS tribute bands, here’s a little something for you to gawk at. Way back when (on July 24, 2004) some friends and I (the handsome bass player) performed in an unmasked KISS tribute at a KISS Expo in Evansville, Indiana. I unleashed a DVD of this show into the wild and promptly forgot about it and my copy disappeared. Well, many many moons later, the DVD has resurfaced so I did what any self-promoting KISS fan would do. I gave the DVD its own YouTube channel and posted 12 of the songs for your entertainment! Enjoy (or don’t)!

Since it was a KISS Expo, there were “special” guests and we shared the stage with Ron Keel & Bob Kulick near the end of the show. “Let’s pull the trigger boys!”


Go to to watch the other 11 videos.

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