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Hello Ron and welcome to Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Hey there! Well obviously my real name is Ron, my friends call me Ronnie. I got the nickname Ronamaker when I was 18. Not really sure how either, it has just stuck over the years. I’m 34 years old and have lived in Indy my whole life. I’ve been into anything artistic ever since I can remember. I love and appreciate all forms of art. I’m currently trying to get my degree in media arts. I realized I was pretty good at it when I started promoting my band over the internet and that’s where Ronamaker Artistic Concepts came from. So now I offer logos, flyers, posters, promos for musicians, DJ’s, small businesses, and really anyone who needs a creative concept to promote themselves. I also am a freelance photographer. I’m currently booking models, musicians, and anyone else who wants look good for the camera. I’m also a big supporter of the local music scene as I have been in it since 1996. So I started a site on here called Indy Industrial. I love industrial music and want to find more of it in Indiana, but I will promote anyone on my site if you’re local and trying to go somewhere in the music biz. Anyway, there’s a bit about who Ronamaker is. Thanks Kick Acts for supporting and promoting some of the cooler things in Indiana!

When your shooting a band’s promo photos, what is some advice you would give to them before they so up for the shoot?

As far as a photo shoot goes for musicians you really need to know what image you want to portray. If you want it to be more raw then I can shoot you while you’re playing. If you’re going for a certain image then you need to dress the part and then we can find a location that goes along with your idea. I will always have some input as to what I think would look better, but ultimately its up to the artists on how they want to look. I also offer special effects makeup if you want to go that route as well. The correct image can go a long way with fans. Hopefully the music can back it up. Haha! A lot of what I’ve said for a photography shoot with musicians also applies to models as well. They always have an idea of what they want, I usually will put my spin on it and BAM! you have some beautiful and artistic photos as the final product.

Do you have a worst photo session story?

Well I wouldn’t say I’ve had a total horror story of a photo shoot. Although trying to work with kids is not the easiest way to take pictures. I had a mother and daughter shoot here recently. Everything started out pretty good, the little girl was smiling and being cute….that lasted about 15 minutes. She got bored with it real quick. wouldn’t smile, started sticking her tongue out at the camera, closing her eyes, trying to slide down off of the chair. Whining and crying. Finally the mother had enough of it and beat the little girls butt right there in front of me. So now she definitely wasn’t gonna smile. Her mom is yelling at her telling her to smile or she’s gonna get it again only worse. So you can imagine the fake smiles I was getting after that episode. Her hair was all messed up from trying to get away from her mom, eyes all red from crying. I finally just said let’s re-schedule because this obviously isn’t working. I haven’t heard back from them since….thank god. HA

Whats the most outrageous or craziest thing you have “shot” to date?

Well….I had wanted to do a bondage/S&M kind of shoot with 2 women. Nothing seriously crazy, just some sexy, sensual black and white photos. Leather, latex, collars, etc… Wanted to show the darker side of sexy. So I’m taking pictures, getting really good shots too. The further we got into the shoot the girls were really enjoying themselves. Well one thing lead to another and the “toys” were broke out. The leather and latex came off and I’m right there in the middle taking pictures of all this. Needless to say these pictures were never published. GREAT photo shoot though. Lol

Do you have any other hobbies beside graphics and photography?

I believe I mentioned before I’m a musician as well. I’ve been playing in the local scene since 1996. I’ve been a couple local bands; Divine Fornication and iSin. I play bass guitar and sing back-ups. I try to be a promoter too. I just push the shows that are already out there. Trying to raise awareness of the talent that Indy has to offer. I do all of that through Indy Industrial. I also work a full time job and I’m a full time single parent. Not that those are hobbies, but I figured that they were noteworthy. Lol
Oh and I enjoy anything that has to do with zombies. I love the Left4Dead video games. My son and I tear those games up!

If someone is wanting to get a hold of you do you have some contact numbers and email address and a website?

You can get a hold of me through my email, or at my personal number, (317) 331-9473. I prefer to use my email. I am currently working on my website. Should have it up an running within the month. Then of course you can contact me through there. It will be equipped with PayPal and it will have all of my work on there so you can see what I have to offer. I will also have package deals that you can choose from depending on what you’re looking for.

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