Dave Grohl is having vocals issues…

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Lets send him good thoughts and prayers. He was the best thing Nirvana ever did… I added some Foo Fighter videos so enjoy! It’s great a band like these guys can make fun of their selves in the videos!




oo Fightershold fans all over the world, which is why they can often be found traveling the globe, taking their dynamic grunge rock to the masses. Fans in Singapore, though, are in for a bit of a disappointment.

The Foos have canceled their March 2 gig in Singapore, due to frontman Dave Grohl‘s vocal problems. “We deeply regret having to cancel,” the band said in an official statement. “It wasn’t an easy decision by any stretch but, after carefully considering medical advice, we felt we had no choice. Dave’s been told by more than one doctor that he has to take it easy on this voice. We hate to disappoint our fans in Singapore and hope you’ll all understand and that we’ll see you all in the not too distant future.” Get better soon, Dave!