March 2012

Kentucky Bigfoot Hunter Barton M. Nunnelly part 2

click here for part 1 Back to the Bigfoot questions… [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”floatleft”] Please explain exactly what a Bigfoot is. Is it a mammal? Off shoot of man? Extraterrestrial? No one knows what these creatures are. It’s that simple, really. Most people are convinced they are simply an unclassified species of hominid. A
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Happy Birthday Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler Birthday Steven Tyler hits the big 64 today. Congrads on making this far Steven Tyler.  Many people that have done far less drugs didn’t make it as far as you or fared as well. You and your band kicked some major butt back before 1980 when you wrote most of your own songs.
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Europe's New Vid "Not Supposed to Sing the Blues"

Europe… It’s the final countdown…   Remember that great 80’s tune? What a great song but Europe is far more than just that song and the other big hit they had “Carrie”. Joey Tempest has been keeping it real with the latest release from them called “Bag of Bones”. Check out the new release called
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