October 2012

Kevin Smith (of Jay and Silent Bob) U are a cool dude...

My Friend Jerry turned me on to Jay and Silent Bob and “Clerks”, “Dogma”, and “Chasing Amy”..”You see that man there, he is the Devil”..lol. Now I am a huge fan… I am posting in its entirety Kevin Smith’s post from his own Facebook page….What a stand up kind of guy.Go by his page and
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Ten Questions with The Mighty Kevin Book

It’s Halloween Eve again this year and once again no great pumpkin interviews, not one physic responded to my requests for interviews…I don’t get it. But it is what it is. so once again, I am running Kevin Books interview I did back in 2009. Enjoy…maybe next year someone will step up to the plate?
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From the Desk of Donald Trump: Major Announcement

So what does everyone think? This a good move? Bad move? Do you think Donald has laid all his cards on the table or is he holding back so more information? Is this a smart move? Do you think Donald will wind up dead like Vince Foster? I personally think it was a smart move
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Interview with Author Chris Delaney

Hi Chris and thank you for joining us today. So your book the 73 rules for influencing the interview using psychology, nlp and hypnotic persuasion techniques , can it really help me secure more job offers? First thank you for inviting me down for this interview. As we all know competition is at an all
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The New Pop Evil Vid "Purple" is here!

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