January 2013

Ron Jermey in Critical condition

The guy is really famous for being able to do what any Male dog can do to themselves  and most human males wished they could do…I think only 1 in 10 males can pull it off…(worthless info I know) chuck   Just “came” across TMZ… Ron Jeremy is in critical condition at an L.A. hospital
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"Positive Thinking, Love and Laughter"

Otto is a comedian from the Indianapolis area but he also has cancer. This is his pre show cancer talk. Listen and learn. The guy is the real deal and in a world where no one hardly questions anyone anymore about their personal health care Otto did. It seems to be working for him. Instead
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How's this for swimming in the river...

Next time you look over and think  the mighty Ohio River is dirty, remember these rivers in India. Can you image swimming in polluted waters just to take a bath everyday? These people need to be educated and the Companies polluting the waters need to be stopped. Agree?   chuck chuck@kickacts.com  

It looks America at one time was a real dirty place to live. Here in 2013 looks like we have done a pretty good job of cleaning it up a lot better than back then. So , don’t go hugging a tree just be environmentally conscience ok?…I remember as a young scout in Troop 99
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Carrie Underwood's "Two Black Cadillacs

This is one super bad ass song and this should be made into a movie. I think this song is going to cross over country and pop and bust #1 on both charts. Man I get get enough of it!! Check out the “Christine” car at the end! WOW!!!