What the hell has AKACIA been up to?

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Somewhere between 5’7″ and 6’8,” depending on the night and how many beers have been consumed. Rock Gods to some…mere band guys to others. There’s babies, a few new axes, cables and I’m sure Joel has added some little trinket to his monster drum kit, or at least he’s planning to. Chuck, I dig the new feature. I think you should do the same feature for the local watering holes and entertainment facilities. (editor chuck says…cool idea 🙂

AKACIA was and is a happy going, rockin band. Smiles all around. You have to love it when everyone falls into that musical pocket where there can be no harm done, riding on the edge of the tune and leaning back onto the groove. Sometimes you go with it, let it ride and other times you hammer away for Valhalla, no holds barred. Not much has changed, besides the ever-addition of songs and the continuing practice of the ol’chops. Nah, seriously though, booking and networking have reached new levels, which is beneficial to all involved. We have some pretty cool gigs coming up. Sunday, March 10, 5pm at Backstage with the Easter Seals. It’s an all ages show up til 9pm, so I can’t be saying fuck this and that…not like I do anyways. All ages shows are fun. It’s not everyday we older, somewhat wise musicians have the opportunity to shape the young minds of the future. Til 9pm…then everything is game. Hey, AKACIA is happy to be a part of the benefit. We’re always up for helping local/regional charities. And on that note…April 20 is the Battle of Bands for the Rockin River City Ride. AKACIA will be supplying some tunes and emceeing the event for the second year in a row. Thursday, July 18, takes AKACIA to the Shawneetown Street Rally. There’s a few other ‘large scale’ gigs in the works too.

In the meantime, you can find AKACIA at your favorite hang out: Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro, Jasper, Mt. Carmel, Grayville, any place that will have us. If not, then you can make it happen. AKACIA does not discriminate. Book and ye shall receive. AKACIA will continue doing what we do, Rocking and Delivering ever night. Making the butts move and the fists pound! Afternoons not always guaranteed. Joel always says, “any self respecting musician is not up by noon.”

We also like to have the occasional “Like-A-Thon” on Facebook. Cheesy, I know. But hey, no need to wait for another Like-A-Thon, just type us in, act know and share with all your friends. No charge to you. The more, the merrier. We’ll even throw in the shipping. And while you’re there, check out all the bitchin pics from our shows and AKACIA’s current and past schedules. We’ve got some Rockin to do.

AKACIA, Good to YA! Good for YA!


AKACIA is the Tristate’s Premiere Rock Band, playing the Classic, the New, the Dance and the all-out Party tunes! Playing to more people in more places throughout the Tristate! AKACIA ROCKS! It’s all about having fun and getting rocked with AKACIA! Charlie Dicus: Chaz…lead vocalist, guitarist, an…

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