August 2013

A special message from Carman

Dear Friends and Partners, Right now I am facing the biggest challenge of my life. On Valentines day I was diagnosed with incurable Multiple Myeloma Cancer and given a 3-5 year window of time. In order to put this into remission and be ready for my Spring 2014 tour I must go into chemotherapy right
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"China Syndrome" is fast approaching

Folks, this is some scary stuff. Nuclear energy is apparently not the way to go. If you watch the report, Russia is still having issues with Chernobyl and that happened way back in 1986. Almost 30 years ago as of this writing. Now it looks like The Nuclear power plant Fukushima disaster in China is
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Kickacts interviews "Omoreka"

Kickacts thanks James for the interview! Welcome to Kick Acts. Tell us a little about yourself and your band and were you can be found at on the web.> Who are your musical heroes, influences & why? Pearl jam, Foo Fighters, Accept. They are all hard hitting rock bands
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Dan McCafferty retires from Nazareth

It’s official. They aren’t saying if Nazareth is over yet. Dan has COPD. Unfortunately, another causality from smoking. It’s his right to do it but it has now caught up with him. I wish him well. Nazareth has an awesome catalog of music! Here is the link: “I’ve got Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and
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Stryper "Revelation"

Its a lyrics video but this is a bad, super bad ass song!! (Yea I know I said bad ass and its a christian song) but man, we need more of this!  

Nazareth's Dan McCafferty suffers stroke

If you don’t have at least Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” album in your iPod or vinyl collection, you need to see an old priest and a new priest right now. You should have “No Mean City” too and “It’s Naz”. Classic guitar rock at its best. I saw Nazareth with Thin Lizzy opening for
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Miley Cyrus VMA...You have lost ur mind...

I am up for art. I get it. I am not conservative either. I am pretty open minded.. But this is crap and she is way out of control. This ain’t your Hannah Montana any more.Man, she is cutting off the hand that feeds her. I am thinking rehab and bankruptcy in the near future
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Bike Night tonight  at Black Diamond Studios

Door prizes include DVDs of Season 1,2, & 3 of Duck Dynasty!   MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! Black Diamond Studios Bike Night! We have added something new to the mix this for this bike night. There will be a chance to win a $200.00 tattoo. There will also be a chance to win Duck Dynasty season
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Richie Sambora ...FIRED

Not only from the current tour but from the band. According to one website he was paid 2 million a month to tour and he wasn’t even touring. I would have showed up 30 minutes early every night for that kind of money…     USWeekly So much for being there forever and a day.
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