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A list of SCARY movies you have to watch!, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The Amityville Horror.

The-Amityville-Horror-House   I saw this one as a kid after reading the book. You have to over look the dated clothes but the movie scared the hell out of me. I won’t watch it again even now. The house located at 112 Ocean Avenue Amityville, Long Island New York was the scene of 6 gruesome murders committed by the DeFoe’s son Butch. That wasn’t the end of it. The house was purchased afterwards and the Lutz family (not the Lutz family I know) moved in to it. They lived there 28 days and were driven out by “Something”…

The Exorcist


Another one that was terrifying. When it was released in 1973 it had people fleeing the movie theaters. After 40 plus years it still stands the test of time. Inspired by the 1949 Exorcism of Roland Doe, this one is sure to give you the “willies” too! It made 12 year old Linda Blair a household name and probably was also the death of her career.

American Werewolf in London


Finally one that isn’t based on a true story though werewolves are thought to exist. I saw this one when it came out. Sprinkled lightly with some humor but the werewolf transformation was incredible realistic looking for the time. No CGI was involved. David and Jack are backpacking across the New York Moors and stop in at The Slaughtered Lamb” pub  for a brew. Before they leave the are warned to ” Stay on the road, Keep clear of the Moors”. But they are attacked by a creature and Jack is killed. This is were is gets trippy. As the movie continues along Jack shows up in different states of decomposition. It has some great scare moments in it. Well worth the watch!




A bizarre movie about an undertaker that shrinks down the town’s dead people to dwarf size so they can be used as slaves on another planet. The movie contains all the cool stuff a horror movie needs. Dead people, creepy tall people and a sphere that flies thru the air and drills holes in your head!


A Nightmare on Elm Street


The first movie in the series was ground breaking. A real slasher movie! An evil man burnt up in a furnace because of his deeds only to come back to life in your dreams! How cool was that? “One, Two, Freddie is coming for you”! Don’t go to sleep! It still holds up!

List some of yours!

Honorable mentions:

The Omen

Night of the Living Dead

The Blob

It’s Alive

The Fog


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“Ages of Rock” Podcast! All things ROCK!, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Ages of Rock Podcast 


Welcome to Ages of Rock Podcast!

Your co-hosts, Allen Tate, Bill Algee and Dennis Talbott are 3 middle aged, semi mature, Midwestern men….

Talking Rock!




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My Interview with Fortune Teller James Pierri of “Auset Gypsy”, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


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Dripping Blood Divider from


Ah, Tis the season! The fall of the year. Leaves are turning. The weather is cooling down and the wind is blowing that familiar feeling into the air! Halloween is upon us!

candleAfter four plus years of sending out interview requests to interview a psychic during this hallowed time of the year, I finally got a reply. I was super excited to open up my email and see that, as James Pierri had put it “fate had brought us together”. We exchanged emails back and forth and let me tell you something. As for me, the generally, always skeptic but still always curious person that I am… I was highly enlightened over the course of the interview. During the course of our emails, I  sent him just a photograph of a palm of a friend of mine. (See interview below for more details!)  No other information was included with the photograph. A few days later I received the reading back that James did for my friend. Keep in mind that James knew nothing about my anonymous friend. No details at all. Zero, Nada, Nothing…I immediately forwarded the reading to the owner of the palm. My friend isn’t much on words but his reply  was this. “A little creepy but 100 % accurate”! How’s that! Enjoy the interview!


James, welcome to KickActs…tell us a little bit about yourself.

 527563_225526590905566_1320091589_n My Great Grandmother Cecilia was beloved and very popular for her fortune telling and séance skills. Especially during prohibition when she mixed her moonshine potion up! Surrounded by astrology, numerology, folk-Pagan-Catholicism and lots of superstition I was definitely a child of my environment and soaked it up!

Today is a reliable source for metaphysical modalities like tarot, palmistry, astrology, candles and so on from the good fortune of appearances on TV, on radio, podcast, YouTube and in print. My horoscope column has been published in fashion/style magazines for the past 10 years and is currently found in JACQMAGAZINE.COM. Travel is extensive, I just recently came back from a 10 day stint at Musikfest in Bethlehem Pa where currently I’m the house reader at, followed by 2&1/2 weeks in Orlando where I provided two presentations on Wicca & Modern Isiacism ( the religion of the Goddess Isis) in Cassadaga an over 100 year old spiritualist  community! Festival season picks up from now until New Year’s Eve, my time will be divided between those festivals and tending to my private clientele found around the country via Skype or at my home, their homes or at the metaphysical centers I work from In the NYC/NJ/PA area. Currently I live in Jersey City Nj on the beautiful water front over looking Manhattan. Incredible full moon views!

Besides devoting my life to the exploration, study and…practice of Tarot, palmistry & Astrology I have also pursued an academic route studying as a researcher on Neo-paganism and alternative modern religions, ancient philosophy, art & religion/history as well. To support my work from the inside out I’ve also been initiated and ordained a Isiac priest in the Fellowship of Isis, an international fellowship devoted to the Goddess through study, experience, charity work and public ritual. As the head of the Iseum of the Sacred Lotus it’s my responsibility to perform… Read more…

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Church Cults. Know any?, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


Scary. Scary. Scary.

It’s Halloween so here is another scary tale. A tale of faith gone array.

Church cults. Reading the article below reminded me of my time in a church group situation. It seems it towed close to what went on here. Not so much as the isolation but the “signs and wonder” and the supernatural. We didn’t shun anyone but yea we ceased all listening to secular music and worldly things. Stayed with our “own” kind.  Kept an eye on each other and held each other accountable and infallible.

jim_jones_006b I would say it’s a thin line anyway at best. Most churches are really just social clubs. Some do help the community but so did the Peoples Temple. Get my point? I don’t want to be a stumbling block for anyone and I do believe in God. It’s just there is so much “man” in everything where do you turn? And what if you don’t believe in Jesus? What if you are raised to believe in Mudhamad? There is no way you’re going to convert to being a Christian because your brothers will be more than happy to kill you for that. Why is that allowed? What if you never heard of anything? What if you believed in orange juice? (Anyone get that reference??Lol) What if all you knew was you worshiped the “Sun” and not the “Son”?

The lines are too close. Most Televangelists are no more than Rock Stars. I am sure most pastors are probably the same way. We all crave attention and what better way than to have a podium and a book and crowd already bought into the message? Easy pickings. It’s the same thing Barkers do at carnivals. …I really think if you wanted to be a pastor then maybe you should stand behind a cloth curtain so no one knows you and you simply read scriptures out of the bible. No translations, no stories. Just read word for word and add nothing to it.… You enter unannounced and you leave unannounced. And remain “anonymous”.

Every generation says it’s the last. I recently had a friend tell me the world was ending in October of this year. He swore by it. Why did he do that? Well, because he was bilked like everyone has. I first heard about it ending in 1988. It didn’t happen then. It didn’t happen now. But every few years someone will say that the “Lord” told them the world was ending. A basic search on Wikipedia and you will find probably at least 20 times this century alone it has been announced. It’s a fear tactic. Scare the people and they will follow and be loyal and throw their money at you. It reminds me of the movie “Water World”. Dennis Hopper’s character “deacon” was the spiritual leader of the ship and all its people. He gave a speech “I’ve had a vision so great, as it came to me I wept”. And with that He got the masses excited and they started rowing. When asked where they are rowing to, he replied. “I don’t have a …damn clue. Don’t worry, they’ll row for a month before they figure out I’m fakin’ it.”

So it continues. Humans have a desire to be accepted. We wear matching uniforms. We join clubs with like minded people. We go to churches with people that are like us. We are easily pulled in. I have a family member. They are in a cult. A well-known one at that. Will they ever get out of it? Probably not. Do they want to? Probably not because they are “accepted”. But really it’s on the cult’s terms though and not theirs. I don’t have the answers but I see the observations. I just know surely it can’t be God’s desire but we continue as we do.

Anyway, read the article. Know the signs of a cult. See how many of you are already in one or becoming one.


some excerpts:

“I had always imagined my life in terms of a story, and now Tyler was offering me the chance to be a part of one. He had developed a distinctly Charismatic vocabulary of “spiritual warfare” and claimed he was communicating directly with God. He said the five of us had been chosen for a dangerous but important mission: changing the nature and understanding of Christianity on our campus. Like the characters of Morpheus or Hagrid, he became our escort into a secret community where evil was battled at close quarters and darkness lurked around every corner.”

“That first semester was exhilarating. Our prayer experiences were very emotional; sometimes, we wept.  Though I still secretly had doubts about the authenticity of the group’s beliefs, I was profoundly moved by the courage and loyalty my friends were showing towards one another. It felt like being in an epic adventure, in which each of the main characters bravely faces his or her own weaknesses while bonding together in the heat of battle.”

For the entire article. The Seven Signs You’re in a Cult – The Atlantic


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My review of Kathleen (Holly Marshall) Coleman’s book “The Lost Girl”, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Some background info for the “younger” generation.

land-of-the-lost-castFirst off, when I was growing up, which really wasn’t that long ago, TV was a lot different than it is now. We didn’t have an unlimited amount of channels to choose from. Most homes as I like to say, had the “basic four and no more”. Netflex wasn’t around. Hulu wasn’t around. YouTube wasn’t around. In fact, the “basic four and no more” channels often signed off at midnight with the National Anthem. You would be watching TV if you were able to stay up that late and then you would hear “This concludes our Broadcast day” and with that, the TV went silent until morning. Very few channels stayed on the air 24 hours a day back then. Sound strange? Here is what most of us saw at midnight.

With knowing now the back ground knowledge that we all had the same channels, we all watched pretty much the same shows. There were 3 major networks. ABC, NBC, and CBS. Channel 9 was a public funded educational channel. You could catch Sesame Street, the Electric Company” and “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” on there. DVR’s didn’t exist. Nor were there any VHS recorders. The school systems used BetaMax machines and the average household didn’t have one of those. They were too expensive.

So most of our young lives were glued to the Saturday morning cartoons. We all watched these until 11am or 12pm and then headed outside to play. Play outside you ask? Yes. We got up from the television and journeyed out into the afternoon sun. In our neighborhood, we usually rode bikes or played basketball. Real bikes and real basketball. Nothing “virtual” back then. Real sweat and real fun.

When I was in grade school one of the most popular Saturday morning TV shows was “Land of the Lost”. A story about a dad and his two kids that went on a “routine expedition” and after going over a waterfall, woke up to a dinosaur roaring at them in a strange world with mystical pylons that controlled the weather and time travel. A lost city of ruins that held within its dark tunnels primitive creatures called “Sleestak”. They slumbered in the dark until awakened. My cousin’s little brother was scared of them so I made it a point not to spend the night at his house on Fridays. He wasn’t allowed to watch it and I didn’t want to miss the “Land of the Lost”.

It’s funny. Childhood shows and movies, like other memories get embedded in our beings and stay there forever. You never really forget them. To this day, I can remember most of the episodes. From finding “Dopey” the baby Brontosaurus to Enik learning that the Sleestaks’ aren’t his past ancestors but his future ones. The Marshalls’ also befriended a little Paku guy named “Chaka”. The generation I came up in were all raised on TV. We went to school and talked about what we had seen over the weekend. The playground talk went something like this. “Did you see “Land of the Lost” this weekend? Yea, the dinosaurs where “Groovy! “ And “Holly?’ “Dyn-o-MITE!”

Holly Marshall was probably most young guys and some girls’ first crush. At the time I was 8 years old when it came out. Not really noticing girls yet but did notice the little pigtailed tomboyish girl on the Land of the Lost. A few years later I would have those same innocent silly crushing on a girl on the New Mickey Mouse Club! It’s funny now and somewhat embarrassing to admit that but as a little kid I wanted to rescue the Marshalls from the Land of the Lost. I lived a pretty sheltered life and TV was my escape until I found music. That “escape” still continues to this day.

Land of the Lost ran for 3 years and then it was over. The last season “Uncle Jack” came thru the portal and Rick Marshall went home. In my innocent little mind I felt like Rick spent the rest of his life trying to get back to rescue the rest of his family. In reality, it was monetary disputes I think that sent “Rick” home.

Growing up and growing older as we all do hopefully, I like most people, often wondered what happened to Kathy Coleman. The little girl that played Holly. Occasionally I would catch an episode on TV and would watch it. As a kid I didn’t see the props and somewhat cheesy sets but for 1974 it was state of the art. The show creators took great care in producing it. Topnotch writers including some very famous sci fi writers. Great care was taken in each episode including the use of “green screens” and stop motion animation for the dinosaurs. But what happened to Holly?

She grew up. She got married. She got divorced. She had kids. She got…

And then the internet was born. A wonderful tool that instantly helped people reconnect with their childhood friends and memories. A website was started way back in 1997 called “Land of the” I was probably one of the first on the message board and emailing the owner George of the site. We all had something in common. We grew up in a good time. We all crushed on Holly. The website eventually had some issues from overzealous fans I guess and it sort of went by the way side. But we all asked over and over “Where is Kathy?

11083656_737807579649976_2195556318239904688_n  Fast forward to 2015. Kathy or Kathleen Coleman as she prefers to be called released her book “The Lost Girl”. It’s an autobiographical account of what happened to “Holly”. It fills in all the gaps  before her role as Holly and gets us all up to date on her today.

I recently got my autographed copy!. She will gladly sign it for you when you order one from here. >Amazon<. If fact, she mailed mine out the same day I ordered it and I got it two days later! How’s that for service! I read it all in one sitting. Not because it’s short. It’s not. Its 194 pages and full of never before seen photographs too! But it’s that interesting.  I mean here is “Holly” In her own words! The little kid in me couldn’t wait to read it! In saying that, I played music all my life and know some of the really bad pitfalls that can accompany being in the music business too but this book was a real eye opener. She didn’t live the charmed life. It was anything but that. We have all seen enough real Hollywood TV tragedies to find out that what we see on TV is not real after all. Some childhood actors never make it to adulthood. Kathleen lived it. More importantly, lived through it. Her being born in the early 60’s I would have suspected a somewhat bohemian lifestyle. It was more than that even if unintentional. The title of her book is “The Lost Girl”. It’s a slight hat tip to the 70’s show she was on but I think in reality it is more about her real life. The one we didn’t see. The one she lived after the show stopped production. She, like her TV family got into a raft and took the ride of her life and got “lost”. But waking up to fake dinosaurs’ had nothing on her real life screen. Her monsters were real. She couldn’t yell “cut” and the scene stop. I won’t give away any of her story. You should order her book 🙂 but I want to say this enclosing,  Land of the Lost is a great childhood memory. Watching it with a bowl of cereal and being mesmerized by the story lines and dinosaurs was surreal to me at the time. I grew up loving the show and the characters and continue to do so to this day. But I now realize that “Holly Marshall” wasn’t “real” in a sense. She was played by and brought to life by a great actress named Kathleen Coleman. The little kid inside me still wants to rescue the Marshalls’ but in real life, what really matters is that Kathleen rescued herself from the waterfall of this strange world and is doing well attending Comic and Sci Fi Cons and admired by fans all over the world. She in reality, found her way out of the “Land of the Lost”.



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Who knew Stephen King’s “Christine” was based on a real car?, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


Apparently there is a murderous car out there in the real world. One that kills by itself just like Christine did in the movie!


From Road Trippers.

“This car murdered at least 14 people and inspired a classic horror film

In the 1980s and 1990s members of different local churches vandalized the car, and apparently each of the lead vandalizers died in horrific car crashes from 18-wheelers decapitating them. The car’s current owner even claims all 32 people from the two groups died under strange circumstances, 4 of them being hit by lightning.”

For more of this incredible story go >Here< If you DARE!

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Adele is back! Here is her first release “Hello”!, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

It’s gonna tough to ever beat “Skyfall” in my opinion but this is a another great song from her new album! Over 4 million YouTube hits in one day!


WATCH: Adele’s First Video In Three Years, ‘Hello’ | UPROXX

Adele-25-CoverThe Xavier Dolan directed video has Adele in an older home flashing back to her time there with an ex-lover (portrayed by Mack Wilds). As she revealed to Zane Lowe “it’s not a groundbreaking video in terms of effects or dance moves, but it’s my best video, and I’m so proud of it.” Keeping up the premise of 25 being a “make-up record,” “Hello” has Adele apologizing to a past love for breaking their heart. The melancholy in the piano-fueled production enhances the remorse Adele expresses throughout the song.





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“Not in Our Town” Summit October 24th! Henderson KY, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


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KickActs interviews “The Hipnotics”!, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Welcome to Kick Acts. Tell us a little about Hipnotics and were you can be found online.

DPKMAIN HipnoticsWe are a psychedelic rock band with a new single out called “Preacher Man”. You can find us here:


Who are your musical heroes and influences? Why?

Musical heroes would be bands like The Grateful Dead – defying the means of popular music and their ability to bring masses of people together in the name of peace love and madness.

Never have we seen so many people into what seems like a cult of hippies striving to dance it all out.

Do you have any advice for someone just getting started in the music business?

Make sure you’re grounded in your music, believe everything you’re putting out and don’t bullshit yourself. You can’t be something you’re not – you gotta be every embodiment of what you believe in and who you are.

What piece of advice did you ignore that you wish you hadn’t?

Things get extremely hard, people say things that don’t happen and don’t let that get you down – keep on trying and never give up. Things will get hard; let your music be your therapy.

Do you have a greatest gig story or worst gig horror story you’d like to share?

Yeah, this summer we shoved about 60 people in the smallest room possible and had strobe lights at all corners of the room. We played for about 4 hours straight and even saw some people pass out from exhaustion. It was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives – feeding off the hungry thrash heads of Los Angeles.

Do you have any other hobbies other than playing music? Collect stamps? Collect hats from off the side of the road? Draw pictures of dicks or boobs?  Make sock puppets? Sit in the dark and eat Cheetos?

Matt is super into photography Read more…

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Marty McFly and Doc Brown return on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Awesome!, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Cool to see the Actors that played those Iconic roles reprise them on Jimmy Kimmel last night! Good stuff!



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