October 2015

A list of SCARY movies you have to watch!

The Amityville Horror.    I saw this one as a kid after reading the book. You have to over look the dated clothes but the movie scared the hell out of me. I won’t watch it again even now. The house located at 112 Ocean Avenue Amityville, Long Island New York was the scene of
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"Ages of Rock" Podcast!  All things ROCK!

Ages of Rock Podcast    Welcome to Ages of Rock Podcast! Your co-hosts, Allen Tate, Bill Algee and Dennis Talbott are 3 middle aged, semi mature, Midwestern men…. Talking Rock!   [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”center”]  

My Interview with  Fortune Teller James Pierri of  "Auset Gypsy"

[hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”left”] KICKACTS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! (Don’t forget to  Like/Love/Share/Comment!) Ah, Tis the season! The fall of the year. Leaves are turning. The weather is cooling down and the wind is blowing that familiar feeling into the air! Halloween is upon us! [hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”floatleft”] After four plus years of sending out
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Church Cults. Know any?

[hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 1″ align=”center”]   Scary. Scary. Scary. It’s Halloween so here is another scary tale. A tale of faith gone array. Church cults. Reading the article below reminded me of my time in a church group situation. It seems it towed close to what went on here. Not so much as the isolation
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Adele is back! Here is her first release "Hello"!

It’s gonna tough to ever beat “Skyfall” in my opinion but this is a another great song from her new album! Over 4 million YouTube hits in one day! From UPROXX WATCH: Adele’s First Video In Three Years, ‘Hello’ | UPROXX The Xavier Dolan directed video has Adele in an older home flashing back to
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KickActs interviews "The Hipnotics"!

Welcome to Kick Acts. Tell us a little about Hipnotics and were you can be found online. We are a psychedelic rock band with a new single out called “Preacher Man”. You can find us here: TheHipnotics.com www.Facebook.com/HypnoticTeamo Hipnoticsmusic.bandcamp.com   Who are your musical heroes and influences? Why? Musical heroes would be bands like The
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