Nazareth's last album With Dan McCafferty

  Dan McCafferty is one bad mofo on vocals…He has fronted Nazareth for about 40 years now. You can hear his trademark vocals on radio hits such as “Hair of the Dog” and Love Hurts”. Man I remember hanging  out in my bedroom listening to that on 8 tracks tapes. It really didn’t get any better
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Dan McCafferty retires from Nazareth

It’s official. They aren’t saying if Nazareth is over yet. Dan has COPD. Unfortunately, another causality from smoking. It’s his right to do it but it has now caught up with him. I wish him well. Nazareth has an awesome catalog of music! Here is the link: “I’ve got Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and
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Nazareth's Dan McCafferty suffers stroke

If you don’t have at least Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” album in your iPod or vinyl collection, you need to see an old priest and a new priest right now. You should have “No Mean City” too and “It’s Naz”. Classic guitar rock at its best. I saw Nazareth with Thin Lizzy opening for
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