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Posted onJanuary 30, 2013
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Otto is a comedian from the Indianapolis area but he also has cancer. This is his pre show cancer talk. Listen and learn. The guy is the real deal and in a world where no one hardly questions anyone anymore about their personal health care Otto did. It seems to be working for him. Instead of being near death, he is near life and loving it. He is sharing what he has learned and is doing in his fight against cancer. Please re post this and also read his blog.



Otto’s facebook link

Otto’s blog

KICKACTS interview with Otto


Just a head’s up encase you have tender ears…Being a comedian that Otto is, there are a couple of cuss words in the video but don’t let that stop you from watching it.


Otto the Comic” reporting in on his Cancer treatement

Posted onNovember 13, 2012
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Otto’s Blog <—-click


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

bacon toast with sugar

“generally speaking” ,, MANY / most –  stage  4 cancer patients, die within 18 months,, with “treatment”  or  without.. that is  a statistical fact..    and  with “treatment” , many of those  18 months are not the best “quality of life” ..

i’m  5 months after diagnosis,, i feel really good, my body is intact, i’m not suffering  from my cancer battle physically ,, mentally – yes, but i’ve got a good handle on that now..

i’m  doing the  Gerson Therapy,, 70 years  of proven success .

with food  & vitamins, if it takes  up to 2 years to become “cancer free” , and i get to feel like this the whole time- ,, well,,, winner winner – chicken dinner ,,,  that’s   24 months  of feeling great, compared  to a hopeful 18 months , with the  bad side effects starting  immediately , when traditional treatment starts,,

to me , i still think i am WAY ahead , and i’m quite  happy about it

i feel good , and i’m HAPPY  about my treatment,, not bad for a cancer patient…………

two thumbs up , hell yeaaah !! fantastico ,  wunderbar,, top shelf, that’s how i feel about this whole deal now,,   i’m strong , confident, and  ready to take on anything..

my passion for life  “meter” is pegged .. i want to live long time, smiling, joking, and playing music…

not too much can get me down now,,,  cancer – schmantzer .. what else you got ,,,  traffic troubles?, line too long at the grocery?, cell phone dropped in the toilet?,  guitar string breaks? dog chewed up your schedule book? ,,

“it’s all in yo head”  –   that  madness,

if anyone  asks————  i’m feeling great ,, pass it  on

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Otto the Comic is back! With his own Blog! And he has….

Posted onJuly 12, 2012
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Damn, no one wants to hear that. As you remember I interviewed Otto a few months ago and he contributed to Kickacts with his own brand of humor and style which I found enlightening and refreshing. He is someone that looks at life differently than most of us. He shared with us about his favorite childhood bike memories and what he needed if he was stranded on an island among other things. And he also included his favorite family pizza crust recipe.

Otto did what many of us wish we had the balls to do at any age. He quit his job to become a full time Comedian. No longer settling for doing it on the side and keeping his day job…So he did what his heart really desired to do. He was all in. WE only get one shot at life anyway and how many of us live it without really “living”? Most of us including me get up and go to jobs and lives we hate everyday… I think Sting said it so true in song ” Synchronicity”,


Another working day has ended
Only the rush hour hell to face
Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes
Contestants in a suicidal race
Daddy grips the wheel and stares alone into the distance
He knows that something somewhere has to break

So Otto did it. That’s a stand up guy in anyone’s book. He didn’t walk out on his family or anything like that. He made his money in the restaurant business and now it’s his turn. Doing what he wants to do and doing well with it…

Then came the “c” word… And as he says ” I guess I’m in the system now”… not making light of it but we each deal with things differently. Otto goes on to say, “I hope to give a different side of the cancer treatment story .. so far the “industry ” is super evil… i don’t want to offend anyone who has cancer, it’s bad enough just having it …”

He also hasn’t stop performing. He’s not gonna let him get down.


So a long with his comedic sense of humor he is also dealing with Doctors’ wanting to cut on him, no air conditioner in his car and recently a gig with a Burlesque variety show. How hard can that be? Let Otto tell you himself. You won’t be disappointed. He started his own blog. In his own comedic sense he is sharing his thoughts, concerns, and his shows. So go with him on his journey. Share the ride. Laugh with him, and let him encourage you. Encourage him also, we all are human and could use it from time to time.

Here is the link to his blog  OTTO otto

Here is OTTO’s Facebook page here!

What are you waiting for???  DING ( you will have to read his interview or see him in concert to understand that 🙂

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