MythBuster’s “Buster” crew member R.I.P?

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From CinemaBlend:

Obituaries are never easy to write, and Adam Savage’s remarks to CNET seem somewhat cavalier at first considering all the hours that he and Buster put in together on MythBusters. Still, it’s hard to imagine a Buster that could have endured a life without explosions and blasts and crashes after his time on MythBusters. He might not have been able to come home to a quiet life after all of the work he put in with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Going out in a literal and damn epic blaze of glory is no less than what he deserved. If you’re in need of some closure, check out the clip of Buster’s final rocket ride:


Historic Space Shuttle Launch 2006 Discovery

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discovery_final_12Someone I know had a relative that worked at NASA and shot this video from the shuttle hanger back in 2006. Pretty awesome! Turn up the speakers and listen to those engines come to life and ROAR!

On a sad note, I really think NASA has lost its vision. It’s probably full of scientists but no one with a real vision. We need moon colonies… Space Stations in orbit around the Moon. We need explorers to reach out further than we ever have before. Were are the Magellan’s? The Columbus’s?



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New video from Tsunami found

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Japan-tsunami-PicsThis is incredible! You have to watch it all. It’s strange how complacent the people are at first. During the first four minutes they are merely looking at a dry river bed casually and strolling about the street. After that they notice a larger wave come in. The curious look over the walls as small boats are battered still not realizing how in danger they really are. About eight minutes into the video the camera man is seeking safety on a tall building. Around the nine minute mark entire cities are flowing by in the water. You will see a  large house headed for where the camera man is but gets caught in the trees in front of him. The water just keeps coming…


This is an awesome display of mother nature at her best/worst.

God Speed Mars Rover Curiousity

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I am super excited about this! I hope it goes well! I will be watching!


Mission name: Mars Science Laboratory

Rover name: Curiosity rover

Size: About the size of a small SUV — 10 feet long (not including the arm), 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall — (about 3 meters long (not including the arm), 2.7 meters wide, and 2.2 meters tall), or about the height of a basketball player.

Arm Reach: About 7 feet (2.2 meters)

Weight: 900 kilograms (2,000 pounds)

Features: Geology lab, rocker-bogie suspension, rock-vaporizing laser and lots of cameras

Mission: To search areas of Mars for past or present conditions favorable for life, and conditions capable of preserving a record of life

7:02 a.m. PST, Nov. 26, 2011
(10:02 a.m. EST)

10:31 p.m. PDT, Aug. 5, 2012
(1:31 a.m. EDT, Aug. 6, 2012)

Watch the landing:
Curiosity’s Landing

Live NASA TV show begins
Aug. 5, 2012, 8:30 p.m. PDT
(11:30 p.m. EDT):

Length of mission on Mars: The prime mission will last one Mars year or about 23 Earth months.

Mission Fact sheet: Download the Mars Science Laboratory Fact Sheet (PDF, 768 KB)

Run Geeks Run!! All 56 Star Trek’s Epiosdes at one Time.Were’s Sheldon Cooper??

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