Randy Travis writes letter to his Fans/Friends

For those of you who may not know, Randy had a debilitatingĀ stroke a couple of years ago. I think there for a while it was touch and go. It was good to see him at the ACM awards last night! Randy, keep up the good work and keep pushing forward! God’s grace and much love
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Nazareth's Dan McCafferty suffers stroke

If you don’t have at least Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog” album in your iPod or vinyl collection, you need to see an old priest and a new priest right now. You should have “No Mean City” too and “It’s Naz”. Classic guitar rock at its best. I saw Nazareth with Thin Lizzy opening for
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Please remember Randy Travis in your prayers...

According to the news wire not only does he have heart issues he had a stroke during the night last night….His family has asked for prayers. šŸ™ One of the first songs our daughter Crystal learned as a small kid wasĀ  “digging up bones”…Here it is.