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First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ernie Lingerfelt, AKA Deacon. Thanks to Chuck for asking me to have some input in this category. Religion, what can be said about it that it doesn’t say for itself? Religion categorizes others by their appearance, religion says you can’t be a Christian if you are not what society says you should be. Religion says that you must become what we want you to be not what God wants you to be. The problem in the church world today is that it has become more of a social gathering than a place of worship. I’m not here to pick on any specific group, denomination, or any club. I feel as a Christian it is my responsibility to accept people for who they are. I attend a motorcycle ministry church in Henderson, KY called Set Free. Yes we are out of the norm. We have been ridiculed for the way we look, the way we dress, and even the way we worship. I know a lot of you out there have at one time or another been ridiculed for your appearance. What about some of you musicians with your long hair? Come on Goths, what about the stares you get? Let’s not forget about my group, the bikers. Religion says we are all wrong, but I say to hell with religion. I say that what we need to do is be who God wants us to be. It is our purpose as a Christian to accept people for who they are just as Jesus does. Let’s let God do the changing from the inside out, our job is to love them and love them for who they are. Religion sucks! Deacon

Updated: January 2, 2009 — 8:26 PM


  1. Aman…….brother Deacon……. thanks for being a voice to me and the other scum of the Earth!!!!!! (lol)

  2. I would like to say that this article is very blunt, very well spoken, and very good. Religion is nothing more then a catagory of your beliefs but when it all boils down, we are all in it for the same thing, and thats to worship God and go to heaven. No matter how we dress, how we believe, what we may or may not agree with, we are all still worshiping the same God and we all have the same goal. In my opinion, a lot of pastors spend more money on their building and their wardrobe then they do anything else. Why must you have a $100,000 building? Why must you have a suit that cost you $100.00 bucks? Do you think that if you don’t live up to what you believe the expectations of SOCIETY are that you wont go to heaven? Do you think that if you dont have the best of the best that you wont please people in your society? Let me tell you something, SOCIETY is not who you should be worried about pleasing. It’s not society’s place to judge you. People are worried to much about how many people attened the church to focus on whats really important. Do you think if you dont have church the “right” way that you wont make it to heaven? Maybe you should try to go out and minister to the streets. You know, the people that isn’t good enough to walk in the doors of a $100,000 dollar church. Why can’t you go to them and spread the word of God? There is no right or wrong way to preach to people. There is no right or wrong place, or right or wrong time. You should always be on the job of spreading the word. Some of you may think that going out on the streets is worthless or that it is a waist of time but I will be the first one to inform you that you are wrong. Our ministry is all about the streets and we have been blessed in so many different ways. God wants his word to be spread through the streets. He doesn’t want you to spread the word just on Sunday mornings and Sunday nights. He doesn’t want you to be all about church on Sunday’s but then Monday-Saturday go about your buisness else where. That’s not what it’s all about. It’s about sharing his love with any and everybody that you come in contact with. I think that all these churchs of religion need to drop that boundry of religion and go out and see what it’s really about. I think all churchs need to come together and realize that we are all in it for the same thing and stop competing with each other to see how many more poeple one has over the other. I think that we all need to knock down the boundries and blow this town away with the love of God and share his love with everyone we see. I think we need to come together and prove to the devil that we are to strong as a whole to let him tear us apart. I think we need to let people know what christianity is all about and stop putting on this show for society!! We are all in this for the wonderful outcome, so it’s time to prove it and knock down the walls of religion! God will give you your reward, in the meantime, spread his word.!

  3. Hey Deacon, you are so right. I quit going to church a while back because I didn’t fit in because I didn’t have a lot of money. It seems you are real and maybe i’ll check out your church. I will definetly keep my eyes out for more articles. In Gods Love James

  4. Bro Deacon, Keep on,keepin on. Set Free rules , it’s not perfect , but God’s Love is and that’s what it’s all about. Look if your looking for status than Set Free is not the place for you. If your lookin for people who love God and are not afraid to show it , than by all means come on. We are not a social network, but a place where Brotherhood is not just a word. A place where honor means something. Not a place where someone tries to convince you to live up to a standard, they themselves cannot live up to. So why do those certain religions out there want to put others down for doing what God wants them to do? Simple because deep down they know they are not doing what they are supposed to be. We are not a people of social status, we are not a people of great wealth, we are a people who do are best to love one another, and when we do fail, admit are wrong and move on. Forgive and be forgiven. A simple people, with simple ways. Gods way, is simple , salvation is simple. Now that is where you start to step on the religious toes. They like to complicate it, so you think they have got the market cornered on salvation. Wrong!It’s as easy a believing, believing that Jesus died for your sins.

  5. Yo Deacon. Well put bro. If any of you folks reading these comments like what “The Deacon” put down, then ya need to stop by Set Free Church and hear it first hand. Be prepared to be hugged by some big ‘ole biker dudes that have a love for Jesus and our fellow man. Be you a man of wealth, a man of poverty, a man of position or a man from the street. You will be welcomed with open arms at Set Free Church. Jesus said that the one most important commandment is to “Love One Another”. That is what we do. We love, we don’t judge. Only God can judge us.

  6. AMEN! Religion does suck. I consider myself SPIRITUAL not religious. Religion consists of procedures and cultlike, practices. e.i. walk here, stand there, kneel here, blah blah etc… I have a strong inner belief in a higher power that I refer to as God and his son Jesus. So Christian would be the best description but certainly not religious, not that theres anything wrong with that. I feel like any one should be able to worship their particular God in any way that they deem fit as long as it doesn’t interfere with others in any negative way. Hate should NEVER be in the mix. Hate just breeds more Hate and we need more Love in this world if we plan on existing as human beings on the same ball of twine that we all share.

    Nice article, Deacon.


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