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I’m not sure what is up, and yes there are several rumors flying around too, from “they have had thier liquor licensing suspended” to blaming it on a bad economy and losing money so they are shutting down. I don’t know any of the facts but will try to find out and get back with you. But in the meantime, here is what is posted on the door at “Double Dukes”.dd

Updated: January 5, 2009 — 9:12 AM


  1. funny funny funny al heres your chance to become manager like i have forseen .

  2. Funny. I doubt you’ll ever see me managing any local entertainment establishment or watering hole. They would not pay me what I feel I’m worth and I ain’t cheap. Well, not in that sense anyway. How many weekends of Chowder Monkey, Metal Mascarade Ball & Yellow Short Bus would it take to run the place into the ground?

  3. if we did a crue fest type of show with all of us playing right after another …….mm about 2 weeks .seeing as the the next week all the drunks (well the one or two left)wanting to here “freebird” or some toby keith song finally od ‘ed in the rest room where the expense of the giant full size light up kiss sign so you me and chuk and rodney could live out our kiss tribute band fetish would just break that place.but at least it wouldnt be the slow painful death tammy did to it over the last what 6 or 8 years

  4. It wouldn’t be just the drunks OD’ing…… some of us would die from choking on our own Vomit!!!! In fact …..the thought of the tribute band is…….uhhhhh………(HOARK!!!!!!!!!!!)…….sorry, I gotta go I need to gargle!!! (LOL)

  5. Chuck——don’t you think you should update this story? I mean, they did re-open under new management over a week ago.

    Don’t want to give any new readers of this site the wrong idea about Double Dukes!!!

  6. grips, thats a fair statement but to date we here at Kickacts have submitted a set of questions to Eddie about Double Dukes long before it reopened and he said he would reply back to them in a couple of weeks. We basically offered him free advertsing here since the questions were legit … It’s his loss he missed the boat on them. We also sent questions out to two of the members of MINX to get some feedback on the situation. At the moment we are still waiting on those responses. I guess they are in no hurry too but we do have several “Rocking Ten Questions” in cue that we already have gotten back from other musicians. Stick around, its going to get better…your comments are appreciated and welcome here…

  7. Come on Chuck——I saw you at Double Dukes Saturday night. It’s time to do a new review of the place. I mean, it is under new management. It’s apparently changed the type of music it plays from head-banging music to country-rock. And it has changed in other ways——-IT’S NOW DRAWING A CROWD!!!

    So come on Chuck, let’s update the story.

  8. hahha,,damn grips, I have a full time job and this is a side project but yes , I have an update coming ,or should I call you “Bruce Wayne”?
    Were is your update???????? 🙂 We’ll print it if you have the balls? to write it…

  9. I’ve got a full-time job, too, but when you’ve got one story out on Kick Acts saying Double Dukes is closed and a video saying it’s closed, and the place has been opened since February 9th, I believe you owe it to your readers and Double Dukes to update the story and at least say they have re-opened.

    Now for my review of the new Double Dukes.

    Apparently, Double Dukes has changed it’s musical genre from head-banging music to a country-rock sound. The first weekend they had a live band they had Legacy. Last weekend BMG played and this coming weekend Copper Creek will be playing. Every night during the week Double Dukes has a DJ with karaoke.

    Service is a little slow, but I think that is just people getting use to the bar set-up. Prices seem to be reasonable, but on the mix drinks they do kinda measure—so don’t expect any extra in your drink. But that’s the sign of a bar trying to make money—control the cost, control the thief, and keep an eye on everything—so I don’t mind paying a little extra as long as I know what I’m getting and get the same every time.

    The crowds on weekend have been great, but it does seem like a lot of people are coming up from Madisonville, so will it continue, or is it hurting Bully’s, I don’t know. Weekday crowds are a little better than they use to be—and when the sign says they open at 3PM, they open at 3 PM, unlike when previous management ran the place (it could open anytime between 3:10 and 3:30 depending on the mood of the manager).

    Several old faces from old Double Dukes are back—at least one of the security guards, 2 bartenders, and one waitress.

    And there is my review of the new Double Dukes.

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