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The Discovery Channel recently aired a documentary on the predictions of Nostradamus. Throughout the past several years, a lot of his predictions have come to pass. It seems he had an ability to see the future. It seems that the scientific world puts a lot of faith in his predictions and the fact that the Mayan calendar is the most precise calendar of all time. I am definitely no expert on the predictions of Nostradamus or the Mayan calendar. Although it has become a hot topic at a lot of places, it is not uncommon to hear it at the coffee shops, restaurants, at work or even at church. It does make for some interesting discussion and people have a lot of differences of opinion. Let me give my input and thanks to Kick Acts you, the reader, will have the same opportunity. I really believe that it is possible that Nostradamus was able to predict the future. I also believe that the Mayan calendar may have and ending date of December 21, 2012. I also believe what my bible tells me. The one thing about humans is that we need to know how everything works. We have taken the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and thrown it out the door. We have taken our faith and put it in man’s hands. I have heard of people cashing in 401k to splurge their money, dropping life insurance, and some are, in their own words, “going to live it up because you can’t take it with you” attitude. Come on people, do whatever you want to do, but think about what God wants you to do. It doesn’t matter if the world ends 2012, if the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, or if it ends right now. The most important part is that you have accepted Jesus as your savior and you have that personal relationship that only you and Him can have. My advice is don’t sell off everything you have. If you want to spend something spend more time with God. God bless and give me your opinion.


Updated: January 9, 2009 — 10:55 AM


  1. Well remember back in 2000, they said the Mayan calender was to end then, and when I first heard about this shit, it was 2014. So ether make up my mind so I can get the party together, or stop scaring the shit out of people. Hell, the great Nostradamus is, and was wrong most if not all the time, and when he was right ha ha! The event has already happened and they mold the pre’post’diction to fit the event.

  2. i hope so cus the world sucks we need anarchy and destruction eye for an eye trucks with snowplows and spikes turbo charched muscle cars .leather pants with no asses mohawks wrist cross bows .oh yeah let the apcolypse begin

  3. Second what you said, Randy. None of the the “predictions from Nostradamus have ever been connected to any world event until well after the fact. It’s fairly easy to apply one of Nostradamus’ verses, which are cryptic and vague to start with, to any recent catastrophic happening and offer it as proof that his predictions are all coming true. Until some disaster is avoided because of a prediction by Nostardamus, I would say the jury’s still out.
    What the Mayan Calender and Nostradamus have to do with Jesus and getting saved is beyond me. Belief in Jesus kind of implies a non-acceptance of all things non Judeo-Christian, and the Mayan Calender pre-dates the first recorded mention of Jesus by over a thousand years. And Nostradamus’ “predictions” were supposedly written in verse and deliberately vague so he could avoid persecution by the Church.

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