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Alice Cooper “From The Inside”, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

acAnother legendary album that is a must have in your album collection. Orginally released in 1978 and co written with Bernie Taupin who has also written most of Elton John’s hits. This album is supposedly an autobiography of Alice Cooper and some of the people he encountered while he was commited to a New York mental hospital  trying to “dry out”. From the opening song “From the Inside” to the closing song “Inmates, We’re All Crazy”, there is not a “filler” throw away song on this album … The music on this album covers all the “Rock” bases. From Alice tipping his hat with the lyrics “we proposed a toast to Jimmy’s ghost”  in the song “Serious” to the vietnam veteran that he sings about in “Jackknife Johnny”, “You were washing cars down in Dallas when the holocaust came”. What a  great line that is and the song employs a haunting Hammond B3 Organ. Alice doesn’t forget the “soft” tender side of himself either. From the top 10 hit “How You Gonna See Me Now” to the wonderfully written love song about two crazy in love people named “Millie and Billie”. Check out these tender Romeo and Juliet lyrics. “And I liked your late husband Donald, but such torture his memory brings, all sliced up and sealed tight in baggies, guess love makes you do funny things”. Such poetry in motion. Alice has released a shitload of albums but if you don’t have any of his albums and want to buy one, this is the “one” you need to buy. All the others pale in comparasion to this one. If you don’t have it, you are a tool … I rate this album 5 out 5 guitars … enough said.

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  1. this is the first alice album i ever owned wayyyy back in 1979 at the tender age of 6!!!!!!!!i got it at the ben frankilin in morganfeild kentucky .i already had the marvel showcase comic with alice in the asylum.of course my brother shaghied the record from me but i at least got to hear it :P. jackknife johnny was one my tard drug/alcohol riddled bro use to sing. my mom was so hesitant to buy the album for me but i loved it my brother actually tried to scare me by telling me what went on at the whiskey and lace show he went to in evansville. his plan backfired when i begged him to take me to the from the inside show that year at roberts stadium my theory was he fucked me outta kiss so he owed me. asshole went but did bring me back a t-shirt. i remember the awesome gatefold to that album with alice and all of the inmates. some of those inmates and the nurse return on his latest cd along came a spider. which is kinda lame but eh watta ya do

  2. I went to this concert 🙂 The baby’s opened up for him ….

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