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Time Out Lounge Loses Liquor License, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

According to a report I saw on News 25 this morning, the Executive Inn’s Timeout Lounge in Evansville has lost its liquor license due to late property and innkeeper taxes. Until all back taxes are paid, the lounge will remain closed and will likely have a negative effect on events that have already been booked at the Executive Inn. Since the liquor license has been revoked, no alcohol can be served at any event on the property. For the sake of the downtown community, I sincerely hope they get this issue resolved quickly. Downtown Evansville already has enough problems as it is.

Should the Time Out Lounge reopen soon, I really hope they rethink their “hiring a band” policy. It seems that instead of a band sending them a demo CD and a promo package, they are requiring any band that wants to get a regular gig to come in on a Tuesday night and play for free under the guise of it being an audition. If you read the forum posts, you’ll see that plenty of people called them out, and some call outs were very blunt. Personally, I would not go through the trouble of hauling my gear to any venue and play a live gig where they’re selling booze and getting paid while I’m supposedly auditioning.

Updated: January 22, 2009 — 8:01 AM


  1. Playing a free tryout night was never a requirement to play at the Time Out, the offer was on the table for new bands to have the opportunity to get heard and a full sound system was provided for the tryout bands. Several bands did do the tryouts. Bands such as Deja Vu, The Huckleberrys, Tommy Stillwell and the Soulcrackers, American Pie were all hired without a tryout. I also made the effort to see new bands and went to see Cadillac Whisky which I planned to book in March. I was going to go to the corner pocket this weekend to check out Jim Gains band Woodsboro so I could see what they were all about and possibly book them. I am not the manager of Time Out but was approached and hired By David Anguish who is the manager to help him book bands Back in November or December. Things were going well for the Time Out the past few weeks, good crowds, good numbers for drink sales. The bar was making money and things were looking up. It is the General manager and other higher ups who couldn’t keep the finances in order who caused the current problems. I feel really sorry for all the bands who had bookings. I even got hosed on this deal so it’s just bad for everyone involved.

    Keep up the good work on the magazine, I like!

  2. If there was no requirement for the Tuesday night gig in order to get booked, your post wasn’t very clear. “Their is no pay involved, you play a 40 minute set to let management listen to you and if we think you are what we are looking for your band will be rewarded with bookings.” To me, and plenty others, took that post to read that it was required. I’m not trying to start a pissing contest, I just reported it like I saw it.

  3. If you go down 4 posts on that thread it was clarrified that it was not required but if someone wanted to try out they could. I’m not trying to start a pissing match either, just trying to make it clear a free tryout was never a requirement to get booked to play the time out lounge. In fact I knew their would not be hardly any bands willing to do the tryout thing but David wanted to give it a shot so I went along with it. David’s whole thing was he could never get out to see new bands because he also bartended at time out. So he came up with the tryout thing. I personally wouldn’t do a tryout if I were in a band now but when I was 22 and hungry to play I would have. So I understand established musicians not wanting to do a tryout. Rebell Fuel Tank did the tryout and were going to be hired for sundays along with the big shove but Mr.Khan put a stop to sundays so it never happened. I’m good friends with the guy’s from the Tank so I’m sure they’ll be glad to back me up on this. again not trying to argue about this mess. Keep up the good work on the magazine!

  4. Either way, it’s sad that there is now one less place for musicians to play in the tri-state. I keep watching ’em drop off. Even if they don’t go out of business, they quit hiring bands, or even worse, quit hiring local bands. Shameful.

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