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The following article was written by a guest contributor. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I am a man that is fixin’ to get sideways with someone. I would like someone to explain this situation to me, because I am F@#%@^# lost. I sat down the other day to do someone’s taxes fer them, now keep in mind I am like all of you, I get my ass out of bed and go to work. But this over achiever is drawing disability, now I want you to know that there is some that truly need it. But this guy could mow a yard, milk a BULL, and kick a man’s ass without ever spillin’ his F@#%@# beer. I tell ya right now it smokes my clams to know (by his tax papers) that he is pulling down put near $75,000 a year for a back ache. He gets a check and he gets a check for each of his kids and his wife gets one fer havin’ to stay home to help his back ache. Now I am talking about none, zippo, work being required, he is paid by our government (by the way that is yours and my taxes) to survive. Now chew on that fer awhile, and PLEASE explain to me how doing nuttin’ and sittin’ home with a back ache gets paid far more than I do bustin’ my ass at work. Something is wrong wit this picture and I need you to straighten it out fer me. I am just glad I can help the poor soul out.

Snake Eyed Sam
The Redneck Rambo