“Star Ship Troopers 3” Movie Review

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“Star ship Troopers”. The first movie in this series released back in 1997 freaking rocked and you even got to see Denise Richard’s boobs before she turned in a reality show nightmare and a spoiled little skinny bitch. I mean so what if Charlie asked you to “dress up” for him in the bedroom and be naughty for him. Come on, you’re an actress, play the part. Charlie has enough money that I would dress up for him and I don’t have a gay bone in my body.

Anyway back to the series. The first movie rocked. The bugs were cool and the CGI effects were great. The whole idea of intelligent bugs fighting back is clever. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must see. The propaganda commercials during the movie are so real and over the top. “Join the Federation, become a Citizen”. I think it’s a sign of how things will be in the not too distant future. (Not the bug fights but the Government Propaganda. Hey wait, we may already be there!) Fast forward to the second movie in the set “Heroes of the Federation” was also well done. The set up was a little different but still a good movie to watch. The bugs kicked major ass.

So on to the third installment “Star Ship Troopers Marauder” it should at least be in the same ball park as the other two, right? Wrong answer, it sucked out loud. In fact it sucked harder than the band Coheed and Cambria that was with Slipknot the other night, but that’s a different review. I mean what a waste of tape and even though they brought back Johnny Rico, He couldn’t save it either. They over used a line made famous by Lt. Commander Worf from Star Trek. “Today is a good day to die”. Not to mention they sort of poked fun at God throughout the movie. Once again, our future is hinted in the movie and I will give it props for that. By this time all religions are banned and the Government will hang anyone that is anti-Government. That part was good but the jist of the movie was about a guy trying to find “God” and during the movie he keeps quoting scripture and saying “God” talks with me everyday. But not to give the secret away but it’s not God he was talking to. (SPOILER ALERT) He was talking to the “Brain of all Brain” bugs. The story line of the movie was extremely weak and the CGI was awful. It was definitely and awful low budget movie shot straight to DVD. My wife and I watched it and we both agreed it was a waste of 105 minutes of our time. I give it one brain bug out of five.

Chuck Gee