Ok Hollywood, What’s The Deal?

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Look, here’s the deal as I see it. If you are gay, be gay. More power to you. I don’t get it but to each his own …ok? But why is every male clothing/fashion designer critic in Hollywood ( or at least most of them on TV or in print)  gay and allowed to publicly bash what women wear? Is it a trend? Think about it. They already do not like girls from the word “go”. So why allow them to criticize the Hollywood actresses and the clothing they wear and the shape of their bodies? Why not just let them “judge” men instead. I am not gay bashing here so no slapping allowed. But this morning on one of the gossip magazines on line they have a photo of Katy Perry. The critic said this of her. “Katy Perry’s Hello Kitty top is far from the cat’s meow. The singer’s leather leggings are also quite loathsome. ” Why would he say something awful like that? Is it his life long desire to “get back at” the very thing that brought him life, the vagina? I am a straight male and when I look at these photos I see a 24 year old woman who is not afraid to wear what ever she wants and it works for her. She has the body for it so go for it. On another site it  had posted photos of Pamela Anderson in a bathing suit and under the photos it read. “Pamela Anderson needs to keep her clothes on”. Look, she is 40 years old and has two kids. She may not be the Baywatch material she once was but she still is in good shape for her age. Not to mention she is a sword swallower too (as in Tommy Lee’s sword, you saw the video right?)  Maybe that is why she gets picked on by the same people as Katy Perry does. No wonder women have low self esteem. They get mauled at every turn. Even Jessica Simpson is called “fat” by these people. This is just my two cents but it’s time the critics of hollyweird, gay or straight, stand in front of a mirror and speak bad about themeselves instead. I have included the photos of Katy and Pamela. What do you think guys/girls? Opinions are welcome.