My Predictions For The Not Too Distant Future …, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

1. America will be shaken to the core. The same individuals that put an inexperienced person into the Presidential Office will regret their decision to vote for him.

2. We will discover life on other planets. They have to be teeming with life. We are not alone.

3. Jesus will not return anytime soon but you will meet him when you die so as the bible says. “Be Prepared”.

4. Paper money will be done away with and no one will accept it anymore. Only Plastic transactions will take place.

5. The poor that are benefiting from the all the free money the President is giving them will be asked a great task of them. They will serve as a national defense police type force. Meaning they will spy on us and turn us in. Think it can’t happen? Look up Germany around 1939 to 1945. Look up Hawaii around the same time. People turning people in as spies. Their neighbors, their friends, co-workers. You will be considered an enemy of the State.

6. The Mexican drug violence will spill over into the United States streets and we will be powerless to stop it despite the Government trying to stop it. We will eventually declare war on Mexico because of  it. The illegal immigrants living here now will turn on the Unites States and become terrorists.

7. We will pull all troops out of Iraq and it will struggle as a democratic State for a few years and then collapse back into what it was before we took out Saddam.

8. Our economy will fail only because of the leaders that we have in place are spreading fear. If they continue to paint it as doom and gloom, the American people will feel that way and it will fall.

More to come… comments welcome …