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Update on Double Dukes … 03-03-2009, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

OK, first off. Grips, you keep busting my chops for a lack of Double Dukes updates and that’s OK. But let’s clarify something first. I have sent sincere and legit questions to two current band members in MINX. Most of the questions were going to allow them free publicity for their band and hobbies like we give everyone else and they each received one question concerning Double Dukes. Secondly, Al and I both have sent emails and legit questions to Eddie Crunk. Same story. We basically offered him free publicity and a sounding board too. Granted we are a small online magazine but in January we had over 63,000 hits.  It was a lot of search engine hits, but it’s still hits. So, we got the same results from all three of them. In other words…Crickets, crickets, crickets. Nothing … Maybe they are waiting to submit them but it’s been weeks and if they are reading this, we are a “neutral” webmag. We give both sides the opportunity and let you, the reader decide.

So on to my update. I did slip into Double Dukes around 8:50pm last Saturday night on 02/28/2009. There wasn’t a cover charge that night or if it was, I some how managed to slip past it. The place is basically the same as before as far as appearance. Well, except it had a lot more people in it that night. It wasn’t packed out but it was a good size crowd and that  was something that Double Dukes had been lacking for awhile. The band was “BMG Holler and Swaller” from Madisonville. I looked around and I saw a lot of cowboy hats and a few biker type guys. I went to the bar and asked for a beer. The bartenders were all dressed in country clothes and cowboy hats. They were pleasant and were talking with the customers at the bar. I didn’t recognize anyone so I took off upstairs to get a seat. The upstairs was well lite up and both pool tables were busy. The band was supposed to start at 9pm and one of my pet peeves is not starting on time. Which they didn’t. They didn’t start until 9:15pm. They started sound checking at 9pm. Another one of my pet peeves is for the guitar players (and I am one but I don’t do this) is to turn his gear on and stand there and warm up with the volume up while the sound check is going on. It’s totally unprofessional and yes, I have had people in my bands do the same shit going all the way back to my first band. It’s like they are trying to impress the crowd before the band starts by showing  off their chops off and shit. Look, I understand you have to warm up, but keep the volume off. So anyway,after the guitar player, who BTW is a great guitar player was done showing off, the band started. It was show time. First set consisted  of all country songs. Some I have heard and some I haven’t. The band’s myspace page said they do it all, from country to Ac/Dc. Well, I didn’t hear any Ac/Dc but they did play a country fried version of “Sweet Home Alabama”. Just my opinion but it was a dud but the crowd liked it anyway. The band kicked out one country song after another and encouraged the crowd to “Holler and Swaller” and that they did. They did a good job of getting the crowd rowdy. It’s good for the business and sells beer. I am not a fan of today’s country music. Well, most of it. I really try. I like old country but today’s country music to me is so mechanical and dumb-downed … But that’s just my opinion. The band was hopping and so was  the crowd and it looks like even though Double Dukes has changed its format over to country, it is working for the bar. Congrats to Eddie and I wish him much success. By 9:45pm I had all the country I could stand for one night so I jetted and went home and put in a KISS DVD to cleanse myself. But I’ll be back  to Double Dukes to review the bands and see how the bar is doing. And Eddie and the guys from MINX, feel free to submit your answers anytime here. We will still put them up.

chuck gee

Updated: March 3, 2009 — 3:18 PM


  1. Only reason I was “busting your chops” was because every time I got on to the Kick Acts website, I keep seeing the story about Double Dukes being closed and the video. They re-opened on February 9th—I thought they at least deserved a mention on Kick Acts that they had re-opened.

    Saturday night you stayed less than an hour, the crowd picked up considerably after 10. I’m with you, bands should start on time and be ready to go. You may not have liked the type of music the band played—but the people there did, and if that kind of music is what it takes to bring a crowd back to Double Dukes, then so be it. Anything has to be better that those piddling crowds that were coming in to hear the head-banging music the previous management was booking. Heck, that’s the reason they closed January 1st—no crowds!!!

  2. Hey, just thought I would let you know I talked to Eddie yesterday at length about Double Dukes. The reason Ed hasn’t responded yet is because he is so busy, he is busy Running Bully’s in Madisonville, Double Dukes, and his pro audio business. So needless to say he’s a dam busy guy. Ed and Danny will get Double dukes back to respectability. I’ve known Ed for 10 years or more and he’s a good honest guy. Ed is reworking the Stage Lighting and has installed a house sound system. The format is not all country, In fact we discussed several area bands. He plans on having rock, country, Blues, R&b type bands that cater to all age groups. His only thing is no collage rock bands like play Fast Eddies. He wants to attract the 30 and over crowd that actually spends a little $$ and won’t puke in the floor or tear the place up and start fights. He wants the place to be friendly to everyone. Now these aren’t Eds exact words but are mine and what I got out of our recent conversations. I wish Ed and Danny nothing but luck and am confident they will make it a great place to go again. Keep up the good work Kick Acts!!!

  3. Here’s to all you M.F.ers who don’t like country music, you can kiss my countryfied ass!!! Double Dukes aint had a crowd like this in ages. Country music brought them in and they also had some southern rock going on. They were one of the better bands they have had there in years. It’s about damn time they draw a crowd. Also only one of the bartenders was wearing a cowboy hat. Besides, only a headbanger would have something to say about a good old cowboy hat. It’s time they bring in bands that the people wanna hear and not just what the employees want to hear. The people is what makes a BAR, without the people coming there will be no bar!!!!!!! Here’s to you YELLOW SHORT BUS! I LOVE YOU D-Rock!

  4. slow down Myrna..hell, I didnt bash country music. I just said I am a fan of old country music..I can sit and listen to Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash all freaking day long..but most of today’s country music from a musician’s point is an overused 1, 4, 5 chord pattern and some silly lyrics overlaid on example?..who cares about turnup greens..
    but take Brooks and Dunn. They have well written songs..for example..”Red Dirt Road”..great song..I like far as only one bartender wearing a hat. I am a guy and well, I didn’t go in there to count their cowboy hats.Cowboy hats are cool, I have nothing against them and I am not a headbanger per sie..I have an extreme and far reaching musical taste..Headbanging is just a small part of it… I think I gave the place a fair evalulation..It was busy and crowded..something it hadn’t seen in a long time…It is working for Double Dukes and I said that already in my article..The band kicked ass…I called what I saw about them dragging there feet at first but thats just what it was..
    anyway, inclosing, thanks for responding..and btw, country music kept my Uncle and his first cousin married to each other for over 60 years before they both recently died..<—–wish that wasn’t a true story, but it is.hahaha)and of course I acn agree with you on this too..D-ROCK ROCKS!!!
    chuck gee

  5. You tell ’em Mryna!!! Regulars at Double Dukes had been telling the previous manager for years that she needed to book some country-rock bands, but she liked Minx. Heck, everytime she booked Ass Scratching Rodeo Band or The Redmon Brothers (which was seldom) they packed the place: next weekend she would book a head-banging band—–there would be more people working then there were customers.

    People with money to spend like country-rock—–head-bangers, who buy a pitcher or beer and try to make it last all night, like head-banging music!!!

  6. @grips
    Grips, I take issue with your “people with money to spend” comment. I happen to have money to spend and I like to head bang. Way to stereotype! Why do you hide behind a user name? Why not come clean about who you are? You seem to have an obsessive interest in Double Dukes. What’s up with that?

  7. nice comment Jeremy but I call bullshit 🙂
    You have to say nice things about Eddie..He owns the proaudio business and though we won’t post it here your email address has “proaudio” in… you have to be nice to him :)but thanks for reading and commenting. Ask Eddie to get our questions back to us.. We really want to help him and were not here bashing anyone….

  8. I hide behind a user name because I can.

    Take issue with what you want—–doesn’t bother me. And maybe it was stereotyping, but I’m just commenting on what I see——country-rock fans fill bars in Henderson and spend money; head-banging music don’t fill bars in Henderson, and MOST head-bangers I have seen in bars in Henderson don’t drink a lot—–at least not in the bars.

    And Allen, I thought you setup this Comment Section on this site so that readers could comment about the stories on the Kickacts site. Apparently, I was mistaken.

  9. And as far as obsessing with Double Dukes, I’ve been going there since the mid-90’s. I was there when it was packed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and I was there when there were more people working at DD then there were customers. I’ve spent a lot of money in that place, and I just like to see it succeed——and it should with Eddie running the place.

    There are not many bars in Henderson anymore, and we can’t afford to lose any more.

  10. @grips
    Your comment about the “comments section” makes no sense to me. I’ve sent through every comment you’ve posted. What the hell else do you want? If you’re saying that it’s OK for you to comment but not OK for us to respond, then you’re just full of shit.

  11. I didn’t say that—-I’m just saying I thought a comment section was for readers to make comments. You’re the one that “took issue” with one of my comments.

  12. @grips
    You made your comment and I made mine, where’s the problem? It still sounds to me like you’re implying that it’s OK for you to post but none of the Kick Acts writers. If you don’t want me or us responding, maybe you should stop posting comments here all together.

  13. I’m not implying nothing Allen. You should quit being so sensative.

  14. I can headbang and drank a boat load of beer too…but when I hear country music it makes me wish I had a sister growing up…I always wanted to be an

  15. @grips
    You can say I’m being sensitive all you want. The fact of the matter is that you need to find a hobby other than Double Dukes. And I’m done with this topic so go ahead and get that last word in.

  16. @grips
    Let me see!!! Oh yeah SO DOES ROCK. SAME IN SAME OUT. AT least you know what the fuck country music is saying, better than that hollering sounding like SHIT stuff i have heard. If a person thinks the same LICKS hasn’t been redone over and over in Rock, well I am sorry.

  17. but most of today’s country music from a musician’s point is an overused 1, 4, 5 chord pattern and some silly lyrics overlaid on example?..who cares about turnip greens..

    WOW!!! this from a guy tat like CRAZY TRAIN, one could say those lyrics are way the fuck in left field. I like Ozzy, but am not going to complain about lyrics in country music, when I can show you some really stupid lyrics in metal, rap, rock, ANYTHING

  18. oh yeah what musicians point of view. a musician point of view is about like a NFL fans point of view,it is going to be bias period!!!!

  19. Sorry forgot to ask, when is the Rock music awards coming on a major network like the CMA awards, I want to watch it. 🙂

  20. Allen, in KickActs Mission Statement (under “About Kickacts”) you state that KickActs is an “Open Forum—–if you like what you read, please comment on it. If you dislike what you read, comment on that, too”. Chuck announced in his opening comments on January 1st, that KickActs—-“lets the readers participate”.

    Man, I’ve been reading this site since it started over 2 months ago. I write a comment that KickActs was quick to announce the closing of Double Dukes on 1/1/09, but after it re-opens on 2/9/09, it’s 3 weeks later before there is a story about it re-opening.

    Then I write a comment (based on my experience) that head-bangers don’t spend as much money in bars as country-rock fan do——and it hits the fan!!!!!

    Allen, if I’ve offended you, I’m sorry.

  21. I don’t have to be nice to anyone, I have known eddie for years, and like you call them as I see them. He’s a good guy trying to make Double Dukes into a respectable place again. @Chuck Gee

  22. me at
    the email you use to comment here is fake 🙂
    I would like to ask you something, seriously..

  23. @grips regarding Chuck’s comment
    Larry, er, grips… Until you provide a valid email address, no more of your comments will be posted on this site. The purpose of providing your email address is so we can verify information if we need to. The system has no way to know that the email address you supply is valid or not, it only checks that you supplied one.

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