Updated the “About Kick Acts” Section 03-10-2009

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Well, thanks to  about three assbags that were  turning our comment section into a shouting match between themselves, we have had to augment our commitment to “free speech” … We still believe in freedom of speech so don’t be afraid to comment on our articles or bust our balls. But if you want to fight amongst yourselves, find a playground and go at it there.

Added March 10, 2009: (1) If you post a comment on an article without using a valid email address, we reserve the right not to approve the comment. Valid email addresses are required in the event that we need to clarify or verify any information. (2) Bickering amongst comment posters will not be tolerated. Comments written in such a way to be inflammatory or as to attempt to get a negative reaction will not be published. So in layman’s terms…Don’t be a DICK!