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Well, thanks to  about three assbags that were  turning our comment section into a shouting match between themselves, we have had to augment our commitment to “free speech” … We still believe in freedom of speech so don’t be afraid to comment on our articles or bust our balls. But if you want to fight amongst yourselves, find a playground and go at it there.

Added March 10, 2009: (1) If you post a comment on an article without using a valid email address, we reserve the right not to approve the comment. Valid email addresses are required in the event that we need to clarify or verify any information. (2) Bickering amongst comment posters will not be tolerated. Comments written in such a way to be inflammatory or as to attempt to get a negative reaction will not be published. So in layman’s terms…Don’t be a DICK!

Updated: March 10, 2009 — 10:50 AM


  1. And remember kiddos, busting balls is a two way street. You have the right to bust our balls, and we have the right to bust your balls too.

  2. Wow!!!! Finally get some comments on this site from people who aren’t the folks who put the site togeather——-and you get blackballed!!! How can you be in favor or “free speech” but then censor it? I can understand if you’re cussing or threathing someone, but just calling head-bangers too cheap to spend money in bars——-come on!!!

    Can I say that or am I being a DICK?

  3. You are not being blackballed so stop acting like a baby. You were simply asked to provide a valid email address, which you’ve still yet to do. Either participate responsibly or go away.

  4. If you’re receiving my comments, how could I have not provided a valid e-mail address? Just because I chose not to answer my e-mails—-well, that’s my business.

    And as far as acting like a baby, hey, you’re the one that got upset because I said head-bangers were cheap!!!

  5. Like I said before (apparently you didn’t read it) the system cannot tell if you provided a valid email address or not, only that you filled in the email address box. And you are lying about not choosing to read your email, it is an invalid address. Yahoo bounced my email TO YOU back with this error message:

    This user doesn’t have a account ( [0]

    Same thing happened when Chuck tried to email you. Having said that, I am done with you.

  6. Try this yahoo account

  7. This user doesn’t have a account ( [-5]

  8. WOW!!! I’m not getting in to this but please, can we let this be. Shit, oh and by the way. I don’t see how anybody is black balling anyone. The one claiming to be black balled, well, is still able to post comments on here. The last time I knew of someone being black balled, they where banned from the web site, bar, or what ever they black balled from. And never ever allowed back in the bar/club, or on the web site. And well, you’re still on here. So, with that said, can we be adults and keep the comments relevant the what you’re commenting on, and stop the bickering. Please, this is not what we wanted when the site was started.

  9. You know ChowderMonkey, you sure have a strange idea about open forums. I’ve started several threads on this site where there was a lot of discussion———heck, even one where if you threw out your tirad, was about 20 comments (the one discussing the merits and problems of country-rock compared to head-banging music). But apparently you’re happy with article that only get 2 comments——one where someone writes, “Hey man, this is a great site” and either you or Chuck reply, “Thanks Man”. Well, if that’s your idea of open discussion, then good luck to you.

    Tell Chuck if he wants to discuss something serious with me, he can contact me thru the Personal Messenger over at “Bandnut”.

    I guess now, after this, I’ll be the next target in the “You’re a Freaking Douche” column.

  10. You can tell Chuck yourself. I’m certainly NOT your messenger.

    And no, you’ll never get a spot in the “You’re A Freakin’ Douche” section. That’s reserved for people who’ve done something worth writing about. Acting like a MAJOR ass on a website doesn’t qualify you. Nice try though.

  11. I usally don’t agree with grips, but in this case I agree that he qualifies for the “You’re A Freakin’ Douche” section, but I also agree with Allen Tate as nobody cares about hearing about, or from grips. Just my 2 cents worth.

  12. Can’t we all just get along :). I am an assbag I guess. But it nothing like me being a self proclaimed SON OF A BITCH!!! Yes I am. :). MY only beef was, I don’t think someone should talk about a characteristic of a person, because it includes others. No use in calling people names while making a comment. For the record Keef Alfee, I am sorry, please don’t hunt me down, I have a girlfriend and a wife on the side. I am sorry man!!!!!!!

  13. HEY! I ain’t gotta dick…. why can’t I be one? LOL

  14. …..damn…..

    what was that thing i used to say?


  15. Even Stinky cheese is good to eat occasionally, Lee. HA!

  16. @Snake Eyed Sam wow i ‘ve never had any one aplogize to me …not even my mom for beating me and my brother with a steaming hot frying sometimes you CAN experience something new

  17. suprdave5150 :Even Stinky cheese is good to eat occasionally, Lee. HA!

    Amen Brutha Dave……Amen!

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