We Are Not Promised Tomorrow

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Does everyone have a death sentence? Do you have a certain time to die? Are we promised tomorrow? These are some questions that I have been asked the last couple of days. Before we go any further let tell you what is going on. Names have been changed for the families privacy. A friend of mine called me a couple of years ago telling me that his step son had cancer ( wilms tumors) that had attatched itself to his kidneys, lungs, and other internal organs. The Drs. in Indy said it should be treatable with radiation and chemo, as time passed with good days and bad days life was like a roller coaster for “Little man” and his family. Numerous trips to and from Indy sometimes twice a week. Little man was always in high spirits. I remember joking with him about all the attention he was getting and the pretty nurses waiting on him hand and foot. He would just grin and turn red. I was in Evansville the day they first transferred Little man to Indy. He was a real soldier, a little confused but ever willing to obey the nurses and do what he had to do. As time passed the radiation seemed to be helping, he went into remission and was able to return to school, I could only imagine how he felt as he walked in the school and everyone was there to welcome him back. We rode with ABATE of Evansville for a charity run for Little man. He was granted a shopping spree and could purchase anything he wanted, his biggest concern was not only for him but his little sister Nauti. He had a tremendous heart and love for others. Even in his deepest pain his concern was not for himself but for others. Little man woke up 3-13-09 screaming, as his Mom checked on him Little man said that the ceiling was spinning, his eyes rolled in back of his head and his muscles began to draw, he had a fever of 106 . He was flown to Indy where a CT scan comfirmed some brain damage. They had him on a ventilator, and the family had to make a devastating decision. On 3-14-09 at 12:18 I got a call saying Little man was gone. The bible tells us in Hebrews 9: 27 it is appointed once for a man to die. Proverbs 27: 1 says “Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” As far as a death sentence I guess it would be covered by those 2 scriptures. But what I do know for sure, Little man was never a Little man at all. He was the biggest man I have ever met. He has gone to be with the Lord, our eternal hope is that some day we will see him again. With any loved one that is possible, but only through Jesus. If you desire to see a lost loved one you must inherit the kingdom of God through His Son Jesus. If you are unsure how to do this please e-mail me contact info and I will guide you through it. Please pray for this family, they are good people. Little man you were a real soldier. God bless, until next time, Deacon