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AIG Are Thieves … Mr. President, the Honeymoon is over now do something., pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

aigAIG or American International Group, Inc as it is known is one of several companies that have asked the United States Federal Government to bail them out during this financial crisis we are all suffering through. According to Wikipedia The United States has given them over 170 BILLION dollars to help shore up the company. Well, my American friends, that money came from you and me in reality not the Government. You and I paying taxes is exactly where it came from. The question now is was AIG responsible with the money they received? I’ll leave that up to you but so far AIG has handed out 165 million in Executive bonuses to their employees. 165 million … Did you read that right? 73 of their Executive employees received over 1 million dollars each in bonuses. 7 of their employees received over 4 million dollars each and out of those 73 so far 11 have quit after receiving their bonuses. Basically they have jumped off a sinking ship and took the loot with them. One Executive got a 6.4 million dollar bonus. While our friends are getting laid off right and left, including my wife, these assholes are getting their bonuses and then quitting. So in closing … Mr. President, ultimately you signed off on this bailout for AIG  and the others including the automobile industry. It’s your job to correct this major mistake. I would hate to think about all the people that would be let go if AIG failed, but in reality I have no one at my door asking me if they can pay off all of my debts because I can’t manage my money so as American citizens we have a right to be PISSED and demand our Leader to do something about this… so there … comments and opinions are welcome …

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Updated: March 17, 2009 — 8:56 PM
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