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It has begun, Government Take Over of Private Industry …, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Here is the article straight from It doesn’t  say that the Government is taking over this private business but the article does state that President Obama demanded this CEO to step down. President Obama doesn’t have the authority to order a private citizen to step down from a private job but he just did it and the CEO stepped down. So what does that mean? Where will this go from here? I don’t know. But it can only spell trouble for us American citizens. If the President  get’s away with this and no one stops it, it will no longer be a “one time deal”. The door has been opened … It’s a scary time for Americans … We have plenty of examples of other countries who’s leaders over stepped their boundaries and those countries became communist countries. The “people” no longer have a say in anything and a few people in the Government control everything. President Obama is acting like a Dictator … American people be aware of this guy …

GM CEO Wagoner to step down at White House request

Updated: March 30, 2009 — 8:00 AM
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