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OK just a rant/question, but why is it that I can’t get the music videos I want. You know, to post them on myspace, or what ever web space I have. It usually says Embedding disabled by request, and under that is shows Contains Content From: what ever company that owns the content. (I.E. Capitol Music Group)

Why the hell are they afraid of losing money from a free sharing site? Shit, all we want to do is post a video of our favorite band or favorite song. 90% of people the post the videos for us have either got them from a site that let them get the video for free because that site already payed for it. Where is the lost money? If someone tries to make a tribute video to whoever and they use the music they payed for, a week later or so, the video gets pulled down or the auido track is pulled. What the fuck?

If you ask me this is counter productive. If there is a song on a tribute video on youtube, I will go look for that CD and most likely buy it, as will most. Oh well, I guess it will only get worse.