2 Movie Reviews

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The Last House On The Left – Well I’ll be nice as I can. First it is PG-13, not R, so not much blood or other good things. The story was laid out well, nice work on the acting. It just fell flat without the level dirt and grit or the story. They made the family look weak, and there was no real turning point (i.e. the family just beating hell out of the killers like in the original.) They just got lucky to kill the bad guys. So in my opinion, like it matters, the new Last House on the Left fell very flat. 3 bloody thumbs out of 10.

The Haunting In Connecticut – Now to this one. I liked it better than Last House. It was a good ghost story. It just draged out a little too long. And if you saw the Discovery Channel show, you will be disappointed. It was like The Exorcist and The Amityville Horror mixed into one movie. I did like the way they put it together but there was to much Hollywood crap for filler. 4 bloody thumbs out of 10. I would wait for DVD on both movies.