Afghan Taliban Kill Young Couple For Trying To Elope, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0,2933,515584,00.html

See, here is another example of another backwards religion that the world is full of… These uneducated religious thugs murdered a young couple in love that was trying to elope. They were accused of immoral acts. Jeesh, if you read the story there are two slightly different accounts but with the same outcome. One account states the family turned them in for doing it. The other story is the couple was taken once the families made them return by sending villagers after them. Anyway, this couple is dead now. That outcome is the same.

But what is disheartened is that these dumb ass Taliban do it in the name of “God”. And they actually think what they do is accepted by God. How freaking ignorant is that??

In reality, the Taliban should be rounded up and shot. In case you have forgotten, they like to shoot women in public for any reason. They like to cut peoples’ heads off too … If you think that’s fair you are an idiot too. These religious bastards don’t allow women to leave their homes unless escorted by a male and they are not allowed to speak in public … How is that for women’s equal rights?

It’s hard to believe we still have Americans that want to befriend these murderers and make peace with them … According to the Taliban we are infidels and should be killed. So how’s that for inviting them over for tea and cigarettes? We should just bomb these religious dumb-asses back into the Stone Age from which they came. The world would be a better place without them …