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star-trekFirst up. I am a huge STAR TREK  TREKKIE….OK? So let’s get that out of the way. I have followed the evolving series since I found it in reruns as a kid way back in the 70’s. Long before some of the props that are in existence now due to STAR TREK were even invented. Need an example? The hand held communicator. Today it’s a cell phone and comes complete with a flip top. So there …

This morning I received my copy of STAR TREK;) I would recommend seeing in the theater first but since I couldn’t get my wife to go … 🙁 I went for second best.

Well, I stuck it in the DVD player, turned the sound up loud like it’s supposed to be and got ready !! I wasn’t disappointed. From the word go, it rocked!!! Lot’s of action, some humor and the characters are easily identifiable too. I was hooked from start to finish. Even with the role of the original Mr. Spock also written in (Leonard Nemoy for you without an imagination) was awesome!! It wasn’t a “cameo”. His role was important to the script. The movie shows how fate, or is it destiny, together one by one.

As you know by now, I won’t give away any of the plot to any movie review so if thats what you are looking for, I am sorry. This movie is well worth seeing on the big screen and then buying it on DVD when it comes out!!!

I give it 10 Spock “Live long and Prosper’s” out of 10!!!!!


Updated: May 17, 2009 — 1:45 PM


  1. too bad you didnt see it in theaters jackass it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i espcially like the blackhole/alternate universe way out of trek contnuity(thank god) jj abrams rocked this flick like…

  2. I found the relationship between the two bridge officers, which I wont mention here, kind of confusing. That was never even hinted around to before. I was pleasantly surprised at the whole story line, though. I didn’t think any one could pull it off, you know, same characters but new actors.

  3. @suprdave5150 SPOILER ALERT
    it wasnt all the events of the opening of the film changed the universe when nero came through the black hole and attacked the ship kirks father was the original series kirks father didnt die nor did spocks mother and vulcan was never destroyed all events now unfolding are a diffrent alternate universe nero had no idea that what he was doing was more ripping holes in the fabric of space then time traveling.he was more or less going through diffrnt realitys than going back in time. all the stuff in the original series and the movies with the original cast did happen .jj abrams did this so he wouldnt be tied down to continuity of the original series but at the same time it still had ties to all that had ahppened before make sense seems genius to me

  4. I didn’t see chewbacca in the whole thing.

  5. r2 d2 is in it fer real read it on the star wars fan site

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