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chRemember your first show? Of course you do, who doesn’t… So add your story to the comments or send it to us and we’ll put it up…

winter of my 7th grade year, my mom drove me to evansville to see kiss and ted
nugent. i was just getting into music, and kiss was like gods to me!! i think i shit
myself, when the drums of love gun thundered out of the p.a. . it was like nothing
i’d ever seen. being that young and seeing all these hot chicks go crazy,is the
reason im in a band today. so thank you, kiss and all the hot ladies for making me
the crazy bastard i am today…….

Motley crue with White Snake September 19th 1987 at Roberts stadium .was it life changing? f**ck yeah ..I left addicted to live shows .I couldn’t believe seeing White Snake and motley crue in person I remember still of the night and Adrian Vandenberg’s polka dotted Fernandez guitar .and Tommy Lee’s spinning drum kit was f**king out of this world *sigh* them was the daze

Keith Alvey

1989 – Young MC, I won the tickets from being the 10th caller on 96 STO.  I just heard the tail end of the “Be the 10th Caller and Win!  I thought I was calling in to win tickets for a Monster Truck show…


I was 13 yrs old 1977-78 and I went to see Kiss and the Rockets. I don’t
know who the Rockets became later on but I hear they did well on their
own. Kiss was amazing in their Heyday. I think it was the Destroyer tour
but I could be wrong. I could feel the energy in the room as well as smell
it. The lights and Fire and Blood and the guy that was manning the floor
spot at the corner of the stage leaned forward to change gels. We started
out on the floor but when your 13 years old at a concert and the bigger
guys around you start to look at you like you’re going to be lunch you
figure out that there must be somewhere better to see the show from. I was
sitting in a spot where that particular Spotlight engineer was blocking my
view of Peter Criss. Right after I leaned over to a buddy of mine and
stated that I wish that guy would move, he did. The spotlight tower went
down. For a split second I thought it was part of the show but it sounded
like a bomb when the guy’s tower hit the floor. Just inches away from Ace
Frehley. Peter Criss’ wife at the time was injured and the spotlight tech
nearly lost his life.

I will never forget that show.

Editor’s note:) There must of been alot of us there on January 23, 1978, it was my first show too…anyone want an audio copy of that show hit Al up, he has a copy of it …(seriously)