What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…

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I have been graciously invited by Allen and Chuck to take a stroll down the dark and twisted roads that make up my somewhat foggy memory to take a look back at my 40 plus years as a fan of and performer in this thing we call the music business.

With over 2000 shows to my credit as a concert goer going back to 1969 and who knows how many as a bass player, I hope to be able to share my somewhat twisted view from both sides of the stage.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but you won’t find any sacred cows or punches pulled here.

Upcoming articles include:

  • My first show.
  • Rock Legends that performed in Evanspatch before and after they broke into the mainstream.
  • Nightclubs Of Yore.
  • Guns, Guitars, and Hangin’ With The Nuge.

And last, but not least :

  • Is it really necessary to take a full Marshall stack to a gig at The Deerhead ?

This may all just end up being the ramblings of an aging musician in the twilight of his musical, sometimes non-career, but I hope you all enjoy the ride.