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The guy in this Photo is Dangerous…, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

jokerI don’t care about what Bush did or didn’t do, or Bill Clinton for that matter. They are no longer in office and this goof ball is … He is systematiclly going to destroy America unless he is empeached or recalled for lying about were he was born. Listen up people… Let your voices be heard before its too late…He can not be trusted…

Updated: August 5, 2009 — 1:02 PM


  1. Maybe but Bush and Clinton got the ball rolling……i was born in the 70’s into an america that would be best described as Neo-Colonialist, Imperialistic, Militarist and Corporatist……an america which only VAGUELY resembled anything remotely close to free-Market capitalism. If you bothered doing your homework you’d realize that we’re headed towards FASCISM not Socialism. FDR’s New Deal put us on a road in which there is no going back but it’s only now with Obama that you are finally seeing the light…you know……Nobodies forcing you to live here.

  2. never said I hated America and wanted to leave so I am staying put, and why the fuck do you think most of Mexico is swimming the Rio to get here.???…I just said this moron is dangerous…I also realize it facism but I didn’t draw the poster, someone else did… and yes I do my homework 🙂

  3. and where were you 8 years ago when bush got voted in and started the whole damn mess.if a buncha morons ahdnt have set around and let him illegally take control over the president that was actually elected (al gorE) THEN THE COUNTRY WOULDNT BE IN A SHITPOT AND OBAMA WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ELECTED .im not so sure that it would matter i just think the thing is all you people whop bitch about obama dont want to admit your closet i ve realized irt doesnt matter bush killed america and you might as well kiss all you knew and loved goodbye.and i swear to gods the firts person to compare obama to hitler is gonna get smacked .he’s more like stalin …you know a socialist.nazi’s werent really socialist

  4. @Chuck Gee
    damn chuck you haver pissed off the nazi contingent told you dont fuck with people who secretley wish it was berlin in 1938.damn indiana jones btw thye only reason the mexicans come here first is cus canada is too far away 🙂 piss on the world .all hail the rapture

  5. @Chuck Gee
    Never said you hated america…….I just said you aren’t Forced to live here…..I here all kinds of Conservatives talking about Obama lying about his birthplace but non as of yet have offered any CONVINCING proof…….Enlighten me my friend…..personally i could give a shit less where he was born….if he is a Citizen of America then that’s good enough for me. Honestly i didn’t vote because i couldn’t tell any difference between McCain and Obama……..

  6. @Chris
    It doesn’t matter if you care where the President is born or not. The United States Constitution requires that Presidents (and Vice Presidents) of the United States be natural born citizens of the United States.


  7. Neo-Colonialist, Imperialistic, Militarist and Corporatist……an america which only VAGUELY resembled anything remotely close to free-Market capitalism.

    You have no clue what of dem der big ol words mean if’n you is usin them to describe this nation!

    Sling that piss poor slop to the pigs that will eat it…..

    Deny it all you want but yo azz aint nuttin butt a mouthpiece for yo master O’

    Stick yo homework statement…..unlike you I know how to think for myself!

  8. @Allen Tate
    That maybe …… But that same Constitution gives me the right to MY opinion to disagree……The constitution should reflect our values today not that of people 200 years ago that’s why the founding fathers allowed for a way to amend it……but as long as the country clings to Conservatism we’re always going to be stuck in the past.

  9. Correct, you do have the right to your opinion. It is MY opinion that if you’re not a natural born citizen, you don’t deserve, nor have the right, to be President and that has nothing to do with Conservatism, it just happens to be backed by the Constitution. If I had my way you’d have to be a natural born citizen to be a governor too. My personal political views do not align with either the Republican or the Democratic parties. I like and dislike some of the beliefs of each party. I guess you could call me Demopublican or a Republicrat. Take your pick.

  10. @snarf
    snarf!!!!!!how’s lion-o man and cheetara shes a hot lil kitty man.

  11. @Allen Tate get cleek started on religous beliefs thats a doozy too


  12. @snarf
    I know exactly what those words mean and i stand by what i said.

  13. We will agree to disagree then as i just don’t see how being born here has anything to do with how you run the country……i do understand though why you feel the way you do though……i also consider myself an independant.

  14. good point…I can see where Hitler would have helped this Country get back on its feet..or Stalin..or how bout Ahmadinejad ? He would make a good President for the United States to you think?…
    Castro maybe? sarcasam on here…What about one of those religious nuts that cut peoples’ heads off because they are “infidels”? The founding fathers’ had it right, hell, even Arnold can’t even run California…I am not anything but an AMERICAN…. screw the foreigners that want to try to take over my Country…

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