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Michael Vick Returns To The NFL – My Take, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

I think what Michael Vick did with the dog fighting ring was deplorable. He was convicted and served his time. He has since been released from prison and will be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. — Good for him. He did the crime and he did the time. He has paid his debt to society and should be able to move on. — And for the record, anyone who has paid their debt to society should be able to move on with their lives and not continue to be ostracized for a mistake they made in their past. I think the “lists” some folks get put on after they’ve served their sentences are unjust. That’s my take.

Updated: August 15, 2009 — 7:20 AM


  1. he should have his genitals ripped out by a pitbull thats my take

  2. he paid his debt, get over it……

  3. If he has truly changed then I agree with Chuck. If not…I’m with keef.

  4. You said it Dave. Most folks deserve a second shot…

  5. yeha i feel so sorry for him kill the fucker quit being such a pussy al gene simmons would roast his ass or at least say he would

  6. oay chuck if you and al truly belive that when someone has done their time they should be forgiven pettion california to let charlie manson out then if they let him out have him come stay at your house or go camping with you.what say you now

  7. He hasn’t done his time yet. JMO.

  8. What Dave said. Manson was sentenced to death but that was commuted to life in prison. Until he dies, his term will not be complete.

    Read the 4th paragraph:

  9. your alla buncha panty waist

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