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Trouble Brewing In The Aerosmith Camp?, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

297674If you have been paying attention this Aerosmith tour reads more like an Aerosmith Ambulance run than a  rock and rock tour. First Brad Whit ford then Tom Hamilton. The drummer has had problems recently. Joe Perry had knee replacement surcery and just recently Steven Tyler fell backwards off the stage and was injured. I know the guys are getting up there in their age but they still do rock out when everything is hitting on all cylinders… But then recently Joe Perry releases the following statement. Read into what you will but I hear problems in the Aerosmith camp…

Here is an exceprt…I have underlined things that stuck out in my mind…

**Regarding the rumors that AEROSMITH was breaking up following the cancellation of the group’s U.S. tour with ZZ TOP, Perry stated, “The band is on hiatus. I think that for the last couple of tours, Steven‘s [Tyler, vocals] been through a bunch of different physical things. He’s always felt like we’ve gone out a little bit too early every time and that kind of thing… I really don’t know for sure. We just want him to get completely healthy — from head to toe, whatever ailment it is — and then we’ll talk about getting back together. So the band is by no means breaking up; we are just taking some time off. And we’re gonna take a good bit of time off so that everybody can re-evaluate our original mandate, which was to go out there and entertain the fans, put the fans [at] number one — which I always do, and I constantly will, with the [JOE PERRY] PROJECT — but with AEROSMITH, we’re all there on that. And make a great studio record and go out and get on the road and tour until we’re finished.”**

I guess I could have or should underlined the whole statement…?

After that statement from Joe Perry, Steven Tyler released his own. Once again, read into it what you will..

**Tyler also addressed reports, like the one posted last week at, that suggest that his alleged return to drinking and drugs is causing dissent in AEROSMITH. Tyler says, “Someone is leaking stuff, pretending to know, and you know, I don’t even care. Has the band done things to me where I’ve wanted to quit? Positively. But I’ve stuck in there for the sake of a few sounds we got. I respect the power this band has in and of itself regardless of who says what.”**

Back to me, I loved the younger Aerosmith. You couldn’t beat “Toys in the Attic”, “Big Ten Inch Record”, “Kings and Queens” and many more… those are great clasic songs. They kinda lost me when they got drug free and started hiring writers to write hits for them. Obvisously it didn’t hurt their career but I tend to lean toward the older stuff more than the new stuff…

Hopefully the guys will heal up and mend any riffs between them and head back out on the road soon…

Updated: August 28, 2009 — 8:46 AM

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