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Pastor Rocky

Family1My name is Rocky Lingerfelt from Henderson, KY and I am a Motorcycle Pastor. I received my Ordination from Rose University in OK. Although I often refer back to the Old Testament, I teach and preach from the New Testament. That is how my space is set up. My space begins with the miraculous virgin birth of Jesus till His return.

God has called me to the Street Ministry. I go to the alleys, the back-ways, the highways, and any place else God directs me. My wife Lois and I are active in food drives, toy drives, charity runs, and witnessing every opportunity we get.

I have had the opportunity to sing and spread the word at various churches, rest homes, and adult care centers. I visit jails, prisons, and Veterans at the Veteran’s Center in Hanson, KY and pray for individuals in the hospital.

I’ve been happily married for the past 39 years. I asked my wife to marry me three days after I met her. I’m a proud father of two daughters and I have been blessed with six grandchildren.

As a young man, I enlisted into the Army and volunteered for Vietnam. After Twenty-five years in the Army, I retired at the highest enlisted my grade (Sergeant Major).

During my military service I have been to 30 states, 14 countries, including 2 tours of Vietnam. During my service in Vietnam, I had the opportunity to work with the Rangers and the Green Berets.

I had a very diversified career. I have performed the duties of a Tunnel Rat, Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Weapons Instructor, Demolitions, Tanker, Photographer, Editor of the Newspaper, Liaison between the American/German Armies, Recruiter, Drill Sergeant, Security which required a Top Secret Security Clearance, First Sergeant, and Sergeant Major.

Some of my awards include Purple Heart, numerous Certificates of Merit and Achievement, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Drill Sergeant Badge, Recruiting Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, Presidential Citation from Nixon, and earned the Expert Qualifications Badge in Rife, Auto Rife, Machine Gun, and Hand Grenades. I’ve also earned Sharpshooter with other weapons.

After retiring from the Army, I went to work in a Rock Yard. There I operated heavy equipment and moved into Quality Control. At the age of 54, I retired a second time.

I write poetry as a past time. Some have been published in various publications, including a Book of poems called “Tender Moments”. All my poems are leather bound and copyrighted. I also enjoy strumming on my guitar, karaoke, and the quality time I have with my immediate family.

Now that I have retired twice, I actually work harder then ever. My wife’s honey-do list never ends and she works me like a Hebrew Slave~LOL~. God Bless and Love her.