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I pray the subjects I place on here is sent forth with the Holy Spirit. The bible states that once God’s Word is sent forth, it will not come back void, Amen. The first few subject areas will deal with some basic issues, such as: Little know facts about the bible. If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, or if you are a new child with God, I pray these messages will lead you to Christ and/or strengthen your faith in God. For those of you that have been walking with Lord for quite some time, maybe you need some new wine, a fresh anointing, or even have questions that you have never asked or ever been answered.

Trivia about the Kings James Bible

Number of books in the Bible: 66
Chapters: 1,189
Verses: 31,101
Longest verse: Esther 8:9
Shortest verse: John 11:35
Middle books: Micah and Nahum
Middle verse: Psalm 118:8
Middle chapter: Psalm 117
Shortest chapter: Psalm 117
Longest book: Psalms
Shortest book: 3 John
Longest chapter: Psalm 119
Number of different authors: 40
Time to write the bible: 1,500 yrs
Number of languages the Bible has been translated into: over 1,200

Three Books of the NT does not end in Amen! The first one is Acts: What are the other two?