Eddie Trunk’s Rant about KISS not being Inducted into the RnRHOF

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Kiss & The Hall Of SHAME!

12/15/09: My rage this morning is beyond belief! Why I care so much I don’t know? Maybe because I am a music fan my whole life and have always fought for the bands I love to get the respect (and airplay) they deserve. The R&R Hall Of Shame as I have called it has really lived up to that billing lately, but maybe never more so than what was revealed this morning. You see after being IGNORED for 10 years and not even being on the ballot, someone at the Hall voting group woke up this year and realized there was a band called KISS, that love them or hate them was one of the biggest bands in the world and influenced millions and sold millions of albums. Finally after being ignored for a decade, they were on the ballot, something many thought they would never see. Surely they would be a shoe in now that they made the ballot right? Well the R&R Hall Of SHAME gave us Kiss fans and the band themselves the ultimate diss when they did NOT induct them this year. This is mind blowing and insulting as not only a Kiss fan, but a music fan. This bullshit elitist group of idiots has gone way to far this time. Can you imagine looking over the list of people that they are putting in and saying they deserve it more than KISS?!?!? So offensive and clueless its really mind blowing! The people that vote on this are the same people that probably made fun of me for being a Kiss fan and tried to beat me up after school. I’m stunned, but I shouldn’t be. Really, consider these jerkoffs where the same people that made Van Halen wait until it was two former members that were on stage in the debacle overdue induction. The same people that made Sabbath wait so long that Ozzy said take me off the ballot at one point. SABBATH, who invented a genre! Even when they get it right they fuck it up and are so disrespectful at the end of the day to these artists and hard music. This one is the ULTIMATE disses in a long line of them. I realize this post is probably filled with grammar and misspelled stuff (and curses), but I am in such a rage a can’t be bothered. You get the idea! Gee I wonder why the NYC spot they opened for the Hall just closed? Can’t wait to see the ratings for the TV broadcast on Fuse. Mark my words, they will be AWFUL! Good luck to them. Makes me sick. Someone needs to wake the fuck up and as rock fans we must ignore and not support in any way this Hall or what they do until they get it right! When James Hetfield stood on stage and was inducted he made a plea in his speach to have some real rock bands long ignored finally recognized. Something that was super cool, ballsy and truthful. Well I guess these idiots won’t even listen to their own inductees! Disgusting!! Again, this Kiss insult is the ulitimate diss to the band and it’s fans, but it is not the only one. ALICE COOPER, RUSH, JUDAS PRIEST, THIN LIZZY, IRON MAIDEN, DIO, DEF LEPPARD, NEVER ON THE BALLOT OVER TEN YEARS ELIGIBLE. In the non metal world where is Boston, Yes, Chicago, Bon Jovi, the list goes on and on. If I were Kiss I’d pull a Sex Pistols and not show up and not give them one item to put in the Hall after this. Who needs them? Time for the artists and fans to take some control over this ongoing incredible injustice. Artists who are in have told me privately it’s a crock of shit! Everyone knows I am a life long Kiss fan and supporter of all eras, and even though I am not a fan of the band using Ace and Peter makeup on Tommy and Eric, in my heart I will always be a Kiss fan. Most people don’t agree or love everything their favorite groups do, especially when they have been around almost 40 years! But you don’t have to be a die hard or a Kiss fan at all to see how absurd this is. I have been so vocal about it for years on radio and TV and I will not stop. But if I’m Kiss, or any of the legends dissed by these assholes, when the time does come, and they need YOUR FANS to spend their money to keep this thing interesting, and finally annoint you into their little club I’d tell them to go to hell! Enough is enough. More to come on this as I have some ideas. But I urge all real rock fans to boycott the R&R Hall Of SHAME and I hope some of the artists do as well. When Metallica was nice enough to fly me to their induction this year I attended out of respect to them, but I did not step foot in the actual Hall. One more thing, I know there are tons of artists totally deserving in the Hall. This is not about or against them. But when a band like Kiss is ignored for 10 years, then does NOT go in when they finally get on, AND you consider who is in, IT IS A JOKE!

Kiss fans can celebrate the bands music and legacy the right way as I do my annual Original Merry KISSmas Special on the radio this year. I have been doing this since 1992. It is the one time all year I dedicate an entire show to nothing but the music of Kiss. I started doing this out of frustration for how little attention was paid to the MUSIC of Kiss and it seems this years show is more timely than ever in light of this recent news. Since the show falls on Christmas night live this year I pre recorded it a few days ago so I was unaware of this news when I got it. Probably better off as I would have spent the whole 3 hours screaming! Instead this years show will be something I have never done. One song from every Kiss studio album in the order they came out, and a few extras at the end. No solo (except ’78 albums), but one song each from “Kiss” through Sonic Boom in sequence. A fun way to sample a track from all of the bands albums and hear the changes over the decades and lineups. This show airs for the first time on my flagship Q104.3 in NYC Christmas night starting at 11PM EST. It can be heard live online at


for US IP addresses only. The show then airs on affiliate stations the next weekend and you can hear it, and all my Q104 shows On Demand on this site if you are a member . Membership is only $40 a year and comes with many more benefits. A great gift for the holidays! Merry KISSmas my friends, do not give up the fight, and NEVER support the R&R Hall Of SHAME until they get a clue!