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The Small and Little-known Company … Bill Gates is AFRAID of!

Imagine a world where the PC you buy today, will last 10 or 15 years.

And… It will NEVER need upgrading. Or even fixing.


One specific company is already working on this exact premise. And it’s technology that could bring down Microsoft.

Here’s how it works:

Your computer would be connected via the internet to a computer cluster.

(This “computer cluster” is just a data center full of servers.)

And… Instead of doing any processing work, your computer would instead just act as a midway point between you and the cluster.

All fetching, filing and retrieving (all the hard work a computer does)… Would instead be done by a super-fast computer cluster.

Computing resources would then be a metered service, similar to public utilities like electricity, water or the telephone.

What would this mean?

Your computer would never need to be upgraded. As all the processing work your computer does, would be done by the computing cluster.

What’s more… There would be far less technical problems, as any problems can be fixed by expert on-site technicians at the computer cluster.

The result is a cheaper and much faster home PC.

You may think this sounds like a pipe dream.

But… Listen up:

The technology I’ve described above is already fully functional, and the company is already bringing in substantial revenue from Japanese companies.