JFK tried to warn us, when will we listen? ce: Jon Tucker

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It was Nov. 22, 1963, and one of the last true Presidents was assassinated. The killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, a former marine, shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the head. Two days later Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby, a man claimed to have ties to organized crime. After the assassination of JFK, conspiracy theories came out of the wood work about who did it, and if there was a multiple shooter.

            Now if we look at just the facts, and only the facts, it leads us into running in circles chasing our own tail. Now if we look at some “events” that doesn’t have any ties to the actual assassination, but would give reason for it, then we might uncover some hidden truths. Always remember don’t look at the situation, look who has to gain from the situation, and a more heard of saying, “always follow the money trail”.

            To back up the story a little bit we got to look at a few groups first. The CIA, FBI, and MJ-12 aka Majestic 12, are some groups that have connections to Kennedy’s assassination in one way or the other.  Now I know it’s easy to target groups like the CIA and the FBI, but it’s all with good reason. For example the FBI was involved in the clean up and investigation of the towers that fell during 9/11. Now I’m not going to get into the whole 9/11 thing in this article, but there are a few things I wan to point out that would give good reason to target the FBI in JFK’s assassination.  In a crime scene, everything is considered evidence UNTIL the investigation is over or that piece of evidence is considered not useful in the case. So you would think that ever brick and piece of rubble would be evidence and should be looked at individually, right? Well the problem was, with the help of, at the time, Mayor Giuliani, most of the steel was either shipped out to other countries for sale, turned into ships, or other purposes weeks after the attack, way before the 9/11 commission report came out. If I am correct, those beams should have been kept for evidence until the commission report was printed.

            Another thing that has me questioning the FBI was the two most famous and biggest black eye for the FBI was Ruby Ridge, and Waco. If you look into Ruby Ridge incident closely you will find that many protocols were ignored, and the FBI brought on an offense strike. There are many, many more examples I can give on the FBI but I am trying to stay on point so these examples will have to wait for another time.

            Now it’s the CIA’s turn. The problem isn’t trying to find the examples; it’s where to start. I am going to list a few events that we can all look back on and agree, here they are in no order; Iran/Contra scandal, Cocaine smuggling through Mena Airport in Arkansas, attempted assassination of Fidel Castro (black ops), and what I’m about to hit on, the CIA’s mind control programs. MK Ultra being one of the most famous programs. Now at this point you’re probably thinking, okay so what does this have to do with the Kennedy assassination? I’ll be getting to that very soon, but the reason why I brought these all up was to prove that yes, your government can do things like this, it’s been doing it, and will continue to do it as long as we do nothing about it.

            Now to get back on track, MK-Ultra was designed to see if by using drugs like LSD, electroshock treatments, and sleep deprivation could be used to control another’s mind. They were trying to create killers that could not remember after the fact, and/or to create emotionless soldiers. Only problem was it worked… a little to well. These, what we know now as “Manchurian Candidates”, were created and tested on until later when the whistle was blown and the program was shot down.

            Now these victims of these mind control practices were put through “literal hell” one victim would claim. Electroshock treatments that went way beyond the recommended “dose”, extremely large amounts of LSD, and would be given drugs to keep the patient awake although the brain and body were extremely worn out. Now with this knowledge, that can be found anywhere you look about MK-Ultra and other projects, I am able to move on.

            When Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, he fit the profile of someone whose mind had been controlled in the way of mind control. Repeatedly Oswald said he had not killed anyone. He did not know anything about shooting JFK, or Officer J.D. Tippit. Over and over again he denied the shooting. Now lets think about this, normally a person that has murdered another person will deny it. Of course no one wants to spend time in jail, but on the other hand if you are killing for a “cause” especially a political one, you want to be known, you have to be known so people can understand the motives in which you did it. Not Oswald however, officers who questioned him said he sounded “utterly clueless, confused, and disoriented”.

            Now if we can all remember later down the road Robert Kennedy’s assassination. Sirhan Sirhan was arrested with a pistol in his hands. They had caught him red handed. Witnesses said he looked “almost happy, kind of like a stupid smile on his face.” “He was relaxed, very carefree until the officers were holding him down and arresting him.” When it came to the questioning by the police, he, like Oswald, was very confused, and clueless to what had happened. Even under hypnosis, and even being coached into admitting he killed Robert Kennedy, Sirhan still had no idea he killed the Robert Kennedy. Even under hypnosis he could not recall the actual shooting. If that doesn’t scream mind alteration and mind control then I don’t know what does.

            Now here is where the conspiracy really comes into play. April 27, 1961, John F. Kennedy made a speech warning the public about secret societies and a shadow government. After the Bay of Pigs, JFK learned of the secret dealings, the secret use of both the CIA and the military, and the powerful influence over other politicians. He warned groups like the MJ-12, CIA, and FBI that if they didn’t release all the information they had to the public “heads were going to roll”. Once these groups felt that they could no longer keep all this under tight lip with JFK around, the assassination plot was set.

            Now how was MJ-12 involved? Well let’s look at what MJ-12 is. MJ-12 or Majestic 12, was created to observe UFO activity. It is comprised of military leaders, scientists, and government officials. Years before the Kennedy speech and assassination, there was a “UFO crash” in England where United States worked closely with England officials. It was agreed that the United States would take full authority over this matter and would ship the wreckage and “alien bodies” to the US. Later down the road a journalist named Dorothy Kilgallen, also friend to Marilyn Monroe, started to uncover some of this information that MJ-12 was hiding. Once this information came to Kennedy’s attention, he pushed the MJ-12 group to disclose all information about the UFO cover up.

            Now as these groups got together they had to find away to kill Kennedy without leaving a trail, and most importantly make sure Kennedy would not survive. In a assassination of this caliber, there needs to be someone to blame, and there needs to be members high up to have the power to turn the head while the pieces were put into place. It is widely speculated that the Mafia was involved in Kennedy’s murder. I agree, to a certain degree. I truly believe there was a gunman on the grassy knoll and a last ditch effort gunman if all other attempts failed. These gunmen were members of the mafia that were hired by the CIA. It is somewhat known that the CIA has used mafia members before. If the gunmen weren’t just mafia members, it was definitely a mixture of CIA and the mafia. Oh and where did the FBI come in, yup you guessed it, clean up crew.

            I can go on and on about the other details that show how Kennedy’s murder was a conspiracy, but that’s not my aim for this article. Like I said the situation isn’t what you look at, it’s what others have to gain from it, and in this case, silence was to gain from it.  Here is the link of JFK’s speech on secret societies and a shadow government. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZk8ronces. There is a full audio of his speech, but a lot of the beginning is just introductions. If you do want to hear the full thing it is not hard to find at all, I found at least a few in a small amount of time. This is the main part of it.

            We may never know the exact truths of that day, but we do have a good idea of who had their hands in it. It is a sad time we live in, when one person has the courage to stand up to a strong and powerful machine like these societies, and falls alone. The definition of the world hero/heroine “a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities”, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a true hero. In 1963, that hero was taken away from us; he died alone in his stance against this shadow government. No longer will I let a hero stand alone. As the famous saying goes “I’d rather die on my feet, then serve on my knee’s”. Lets fight for justice, truth, freedom, and the men and women who threaten to take that away from us.