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Interview with Eddie Crunk From Double Dukes/Bullies and Fancy Free/Legacee bands, pub-2427795083793513, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

1. Hello Eddie, and welcome to Kickacts. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 53 yr old entrepreneur. Born & still live in White Plains Ky.
I started The Fancy Free Band in Jan 1975 performed regionally until 1989 then
started a national tour until 1999. Then I played locally until 2003 when we disbanded.
I then  started a DJ company doing weddings & clubs. I do alot of shows  in the Henderson
and Evansville area too. Then Danny Darnell,  my old band mate and I bought Bullys Bar & Bulls-eye Steakhouse in Madisonville Ky in 2006. We leased the Double Dukes at the Ramada Henderson in March 2009

2.You recently took over the Double Dukes bar and Lounge here in Henderson and have dropped a ton of money into the place updating the sound and lights and more. Tell us about it and your goals for the place.

Its is from a musicans point of view, the perfect showroom for a club band or entertainer. Over the next few months expect to see new paint & decor. We have already added in house sound & lighting and we expect to double that soon as this resession eases up! I won’t stop improving as long as I’m there. I hope to have something going on with music everyday at the club including New Bands,Karaoke, videos Dj ,solo,  and acoustic acts. I love all kinds of music so I plan on lots of variety with my bands

 3. You have something going on just about every night at Double Dukes  from  karaoke to acoustic acts and bands.You have something for everyone and great drink prices too. Who do you have coming in this month and what  are your drink specials?

I told my bartenders to pick 1 or 2 different  drinks each day for a special. Then we’ll have some advertised specials each week repeating the ones that goes well! As for future entertainment it will always vary on the weekends. right now I have a Open Mic jam night Tues, Singles dance on Wed. Acoustic Duo Thurs evenings and later on that night Karaoke, Fri will be DJ, Videos with some new bands trying out, and then our featured artist on Sat


Eddie back in the day!

4. Do you offer reduced prices on hotel rooms for those that might want to stay after partying at Double Dukes?

I do have a special weekend rate for our customers  with a room. theres no cover charge to get in to Double Dukes. A couple could come out, get a room deal, eat a meal, have several drinks,then not have to worry about driving , sort of a weekend get-a-way…

5. Double Dukes is a great bar and as a fellow musician too, it’s a great place to play. It has a large band stage area, dance floor and a killer house sound system that most clubs in this area lack. A band can basically hook right up into your sound system without having to bring in their own P.A. For bands or acts wanting to play there, do you have an email address or phone number where they can get in touch with you?

my email is .And your right all our sound gear is top notch and plus we’ll mix the sound & run the lights for the bands.

6. There were some negative comments recently made on concerning Double Dukes and the old management.You have tried to turn that around. Would you like to address any of those comments?

We are not the old management. Making money there is not top concern but having the best nightclub in area is.We need all the support we can get from everyone. If something at the club is not right I will do my best to correct it for my customer. It seems most of the negativity on Bandnut was personal. If all the entertainers who have already worked for us where to write something about us I think it would be 100% positive.

Updated: February 5, 2010 — 9:40 AM


  1. Both Eddie and Danny are top notch guys in my book. We’ve been working with them for about a year now. …and from a band perspective, they are very accomodating to our needs.

    The house sound and lighting system is unparalleled in the tri-state area. If you haven’t been to Double Duke’s in a while, I suggest that you stop by to take in the transformation that Eddie and Danny have worked so hard to accomplish.

    Additionally, this is not the old Double Duke’s. I would hope that the Henderson and Evansville areas recognize DD’s is one of the largest clubs in the tri-state with a couple of guys who will listen to the people to make it a great live music venue.

    Good luck, guys.


  2. Had the chance to talk to Eddie Wednesday night for about an hour at Double Dukes. He is absolutely committed to making DD’s work but it cannot happen without the local support. Forget what happened in the past at DD’s and give this club a shot again. I would hate for one of last live venues in Henderson to vanish.

  3. I never been to Double Dukes prior to Eddie and Danny taking over so I really don’t have anything to compare. I will say that I have worked with Eddie and Danny for the past 4 years or so and haven’t had a MINUTE of trouble. What I don’t understand is, why isn’t DD’s jam packed every weekend? It is a GREAT place to play and the sound & visual effects are awesome. Here’s the deal, the owners are MUSICIANS! They understand what we all go through. They have always been square with us and have bent over backwards to turn the place around. People really need to drop their preconceived notions and give the place a chance.

  4. Hey Chuck, It’s great seeing you do this story on Eddie Crunk. He’s a great person/musician to talk to if you’re in a band that wants to play in this area. I went in there one night to do the open mic night and I have to say they do have the best equipment any band would be happy to have, great light system and some great sounding JBL speakers pushing the music. The best part is it’s the bar’s equipment and a band doesn’t have to rent or even hook this stuff up because he’s ready for bands to just hook up to his system and rock on. And you also don’t have to pay for a sound and light man either. I see that as a great benefit for any band wanting to play here, great bar, I see all the negative stuff about this place but that wasn’t when Eddie was running the place, hell, give the place and Eddie another shot and quit all the crying. Everyone needs to just get over the past and just look at what’s happening now and for the future. This used to be the place to go when you wanted to see some great live music and I think if everyone would just give Eddie another chance they would see this. I just wanted to give Eddie Crunk some support here because I think he’s doing a great job with Double Duke’s. Big Nick/41SOUTH.

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