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So I happened to be talking with Darrell the lead singer of Orange Hour, and I was
harrasing him like always about an interview. I knew the guys had been busy,
locking up great shows like May 28th they will be opening for Eve 6 and Jimmie’s
Chicken Shack. So after talking about a possible date, I get a text message from
him saying they are going to be reviewed by one of the local music magazines (I
personally dont read it but hey it’s semi-big in my area), so I figured I would
definately take my chance to go see what this was all about.
        So I made a trip out to Ybor city, and went to this cafe they were getting reviewed
at. I had arrived almost on time and went to great the band members of Orange Hour.
Well it happens that they were in the middle of reviewing their songs and I had
totally interupted. Oh well. So after reviewing some of their songs, and other
songs by other singers they were reviewing, Orange Hour was able to play a small
modest set. They did very well, even going against a small setting. I fortunetaly
was able to bring my ‘not so awesome’ video camera and capture some of the music.
        After they were done with their set, and was kind enough to listen to the two other
singers set, and then it was all over. I used my smooth talking abilities and
talked the band into an interview. So after a good wait, and with a lot of
anticipation, here in poor quality is the interview. I swear next time ill get a
better camera, until then, put up with it.

reporting for KICKACTS over TAMPA

Jon Tucker